Adidas has recently unveiled a new pair of sneakers inspired by Oktoberfest, the world’s famous Beer Festival in Germany. Retail website 43einhalb sneaker store released some photos of the company’s new sneakers.

Adidas called the pair as “the perfect sneakers for Oktoberfest.” The shoes have a rich brown colorway that is matched with three light brown stripes and dotted laces, 43einhalb sneaker store reported.

Aside from the design, the company takes pride in introducing a new pair that will have a material that can withstand vomits and drops of beers, destroying its design.

The new sneakers from Adidas are specially designed for the beer festival, with its water-repellent and beer-repellent features.

The multinational shoe company called the process of creating these sneakers as “Oktoberfesterization,” the retail website noted. They are designed to survive beer showers and the wee hours of the drinking session.

“At best, you’re looking at getting your shoes covered in beer before the end of the night,” 43einhalb sneaker store said. “At worst, you’re looking at a beer and vomit combo, thanks, fellow revelers who imbibe a little too much.”

German beer festival

Oktoberfest in Berlin is attended by several people around the world, especially Americans.

It is one of the biggest celebrations of beer drinking held annually. Since its inception, there have been several versions of the event held in different countries, such as in Asia for instance.

Adidas’ new pair of shoes is exactly made to be brought to festivals like this. The biggest dilemma of beer festival revelers is the liquid going in their shoes and worse, into their soles. With this new product on the line, the company seeks to put an end to these issues so the fun can go on without experiencing any hassles.

The shoes take inspiration from the leather pants in Bavaria because of its stunning colorway, Fortune reported. There are words such as “Prost” that are emblazed on the design. “Prost” is a German word that means “Cheers!”

According to Fortune, the company is giving away a beer mug along with the purchase of these limited edition sneakers. Each pair is sold at $238.

Tubular rise sneakers

Meanwhile, the company is also launching its popular Tubular design with new shoes under its Originals brand.

The new models will adapt the classic Tubular design elements, XXL reported.

These Tubular rise sneakers are made with PrimeKnit material that will provide users with comfort and a lightweight silhouette. The shoes also feature a gum bottom and subtle accents.

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