The New York Fashion Week continues with diverse styles presented by the designers at the Big Apple. Some of the most remarkable shows came from Indonesian designers who featured Muslim-inspired creations that tackled gender equality, The Guardian reported.

The models wore the traditional hijab and abaya, outfits wrapped around the head, and were paired with modern printed designs. Businesswoman and Indonesian designer Dian Pelangi told The Guardian that she wanted to express the thought that women can still look beautiful and stylish even with their hijabs on.

The designs made it a point to stay traditional yet classy and affluent in appearance. Pelangi’s collection was a combination of various Indonesian raw materials such as Batik print and dyes. The women wore full skirts, wide trousers, and loose jackets. Her inspiration came from “Humans Of New York,” a photo album that shows diversity in the state that holds around 8.5 million people, according to the report.

Message for President Trump

Meanwhile, another Indonesian designer Vivi Zubedi also chose to feature diversity in her designs.

She even sent a message to United States president Donald Trump, The Guardian reported.

The 30-year-old Jakarta-based designer said that she loves the United States and the people that the president administers. She added that with her designs, they will “not do anything” to his people and pointed out that her creations were about humanity.

Her style carried a conservative theme, but still featured the abaya outfit in signature black.

They were laid over beautiful gowns that painted a picture of the Muslim world.

Zubedi told The Guardian that she has a lot of clients in the United States, and that hijab clothing is beautiful. She said, “We are all still human no matter what religion you are. We are still the same.”

‘Alice In Wonderland’

Meanwhile, the New York Fashion Week also showcased a collection that was described as “Alice In Wonderland” inspiration, The Daily Beast reported.

Cinq à Sept was a show that featured black tulles, bedfellows, slouchy sweaters and long dresses. The models who walked the runway had big and tousled hair inspired by the past decades.

The Cinq à Sept reportedly featured some acrobatics and gymnastic performances. Seen on the runway were tea cups, parasols and small lemon tarts that were reminiscent of the classic story of “Alice In Wonderland,” the Daily Beast added.

The New York Fashion Week runs from September 7 to September 13. It showcases designers coming from diverse backgrounds and some of the world’s most famous brands.

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