The new "Bachelor" was announced on "Good Morning America" on Thursday, August 7. Fans of the show were holding their breath because there had been rumors that Peter Straus from Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette" had been courted for the position. However, Arie Luyendyk Jr. from Emily Maynard's season will be the one handing out roses. The news had been kept under wrap until Thursday. He hasn't told anyone just in case something went wrong as it did years ago. He said his family was just finding out while he was on national television talking to Michael Strahan about the assignment.

About Arie

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is a race car driver who made it to the final two with Maynard during Season 8 of "The Bachelorette" in 2012. However, she chose Jef Holm. Maynard and Holm split two months later.

Producers usually choose a runner-up or a fan favorite for the next season of the "Bachelor." Arie, who will turn 36 in a few weeks, was heartbroken because he had fallen in love with Emily and recognized there was a lot of chemistry between them. She is now happily married to Tyler Johnson with three children and another one on the way. Arie is happy for her and glad that the producers are giving him another chance to find love.

The new bachelor indicated that he had gone through some of the process years ago to be the "Bachelor," so he was a little skeptical when he was called about it again.

ABC had filmed introductory segments about him before he was replaced with Chris Soules.

Timing is right

The timing is right for Luyendyk to have the lead on the show. He was dubbed "the kissing bandit." He may or may not keep the same title on his upcoming season in January 2018.

Arie said his friends have gotten married, and he is the only one not in a committed relationship.

He said even his younger brother is married. When Strahan asked him to describe the woman he is looking for, he did not have to think long and hard before he gave his answer. He quickly said he wants a woman who is independent and strong, but gentle. He said he keeps in touch with some of the past contestants but not so much with the newer ones.

He said he will be getting advice from former winner Sean Lowe.

Some fans of the show think Arie is too boring to have an exciting season.They also believe too much time has passed since he was on the show in 2012. People might not remember the Scottsdale, Arizona native.

Some fans are disappointed that Peter Straus was not selected. Producers did not want to take a chance that he would get to the end of the show and not want to propose like he did on Lindsay's season. Straus himself said he thinks ABC made the best decision by selecting Arie, and he has no hard feelings.