Prague is the jewel of the Czech Republic. This vibrant city is often overlooked by tourists who tend to visit Europe’s more famous places like Vienna, London, and Paris. But Prague’s history, rich cultural heritage, and stunning architecture make it a must-see destination that is just as enjoyable as its more well-known counterparts. It’s a place of color and culture, the perfect place to explore medieval cathedrals, listen to awe-inspiring music, and meander down cobblestone paths.

It’s the home of famous artists like the Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha and the nineteenth-century composer Antonín Dvořák.

The city is know for its beer (in fact, the Czech Republic is the homeland of pilsner), and it boasts tons of vibrant nightlife.

Here are some of Prague’s most beautiful sites as well as reasonably-priced places to stay, though this list is far from exhaustive.

1. Charles Bridge

Perhaps Prague’s most iconic site, the medieval Charles Bridge was built in the fourteenth century by Charles IV (who else, right?). The bridge is one of many that cross the Vltava River, and it houses the effigies of 30 saints, the most famous being St. John of Nepomuk. The bridge is one of the most beautiful in the world, and it’s a wonderful place for a romantic stroll at sunset or at sunrise when the bridge isn’t swarming with tourists.

2. Strahov Monastery

If you’re a bibliophile or love architecture that leaves you astonished, check out the Strahov Monastery. Built in 1140 and rebuilt several times, the monastery houses two exquisite library halls: the Baroque Theological Hall that contains over 18,000 religious texts and the Philosophical Hall that stores around 42,000 books and tracts of science and philosophy.

3. Old Town Square

Located in Old Town (obviously), the square is home to some of Prague’s most prominent sites including the Astronomical Clock Tower and the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

This public space has numerous cafes and restaurants, but there are plenty of tourists here, so prices can be on the expensive side.

4. St. Vitus Cathedral

This glorious construction took over 600 years to complete, and it’s as breathtaking as you can imagine. Located near Prague Castle, the cathedral charges no admission fee. It's very relevant historically since it served as the coronation site for Czech royalty.

Where to stay

In addition to some incredibly beautiful places, Prague has a plethora of reasonably-priced accommodations.

Hostel Santini Prague is located in a beautiful 17th-century Baroque palace a few minutes away from Old Town. They offer a delicious breakfast (and it’s free!), and nightly rates start at around USD $15.

The Cosmopole Hostel is the newest hostel in Prague’s City Center. Its Sky Terrace boasts lovely views of Charles Square, the Hunger Wall, and Petrin Hill. Bookings start at USD $12 per night.

If you’re a solo traveler looking to mingle and meet other globetrotters, you might want to try the Art Hole Hostel. It’s close to the City Center, and it’s also a short walk from the train and bus stations. Prices start at USD $12 per night.

By all means, go to Paris and London. But if you’re wanting something a little different, you might want to go to Prague and check out its wealth of historical artifacts and stunning buildings.