According to Danish researchers, wine is one of the drinks that have a positive effect on people's health. This is because wine plays its part in the process of managing blood sugar. Over 70,000 individuals were part of the survey. Their Consumption Of Alcohol was analyzed concerning the frequency, quantity, and types of alcohol.

Is moderation the key?

Despite the fact that drinking three or four times per week is considered to be beneficial to our health, experts believe it's still essential to drink moderately. So this doesn't mean people should exceed the recommended quantities of alcohol.

Many public health institutions inform people about the risks of drinking and exceeding Moderate quantities of alcohol. Liver disease, cancer, and heart disease are some of the risks to which people who consume too much alcohol expose themselves.

What is moderate drinking?

When it comes to alcohol intake, experts believe it's always better to drink alcohol in smaller portions. The intake of alcohol was analyzed over a period of several years, and after approximately five years the experts noticed that the moderate consumption of alcohol three or four times a week decreased the risk of diabetes. Unlike people who drank only once per week or people who did not drink alcohol at all, moderate drinkers of alcohol were less likely to suffer from diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes.

Women had a bit more to gain from drinking moderately as their risk of diabetes was reduced by 32 percent, while men's risk was 27 percent lower.

What types of alcohol are better?

The types of alcohol we drink are also important. Wine, for example, is one of the best choices when it comes to alcohol consumption, as it has a positive effect on the level of blood sugar.

Experts found that beer had benefited only for men, as the consumption of one to six beers every week reduced the risk of diabetes by 21 percent while having no such positive effect on women.

What about other types of alcohol consumed in large quantities?

When it comes to distilled alcohol beverages consumed in large quantities, experts found that excessive drinking did not have a significant negative effect on men.

However, in the case of women, the consumption of spirit beverages had an adverse effect concerning the risk of diabetes.

No matter how often you consume alcohol, it is good to be informed about the negative as well as the positive effects of alcohol intake.