U.S. State Department has warned those who are planning to spend a few days of luxurious vacation in Mexico to stay away from tainted alcohol. An official of the department stated that their highest priority is the security and safety of U.S. citizens abroad. The warning came after reports of tainted alcohol intoxication cases increase particularly in Mexico. This means that the tourist-favorite Margarita could be a potential cause of death.

A Wisconsin family lost one of its members due to tainted alcohol intake

A family from Wisconsin were grieving after 20-year-old Abbey Conner died while on vacation at the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar in Mexico according to AZ Central.

John and Ginny McGowan revealed that they were still at a loss as to the cause of death of their daughter. Abbey and her brother Austin, 22, were discovered floating face down in the pool unconscious. The family could not believe that a few shots of alcohol could take away their daughter’s life. Abbey became comatose and died after a few days.

The family reported the incident to the police but they dismissed the accident as a case of drowning. The family hired a lawyer to investigate and later it was concluded that Abbey Conner died of taking in tainted alcohol.

In its website, the U.S. State Department informed that there were cases of tainted alcohol consumption that resulted in illness, blacking out, and the worst is death.

The website further warned that before going to Mexico, potential travelers should visit mexicovacationawareness.com, the site created and dedicated in memory of another victim Nolan Webster who like Conner died due to tainted alcohol consumption.

Tips to avoid tainted alcohol poisoning

USA Today shared some tips on how to avoid tainted alcohol in Mexico.

First, when booking an all-inclusive resort, extensive research must be done about the prospective resort. Second, those who order drinks must insist on watching them being mixed. Third, if the color or taste of the liquor is questionable, it is better not to take it.

Fourth, to be safe, it is better to purchase the drink personally, monitor the opening of the bottle or can, and never leave a drink unattended.

Ice on drinks might also become contaminated through improper handling. Fifth, if traveling in a group, there must be someone who is paying attention to the handling of the drinks. Sixth, if there is a suspected case of alcohol poisoning, medical attention must be sought immediately.

Aside from the above tips in avoiding tainted alcohol poisoning, a traveler must secure travel insurance, have their documents photocopied, and always take care of belongings while on vacation.