One of the initiatives that are part of the United Kingdom's Clean Air strategy is the banning of new petrol and Diesel cars being sold. It is planned to take place approximately 23 years from now, in 2040, to reduce pollution. The UK government also plans to decrease air pollution at a local level. The funds allocated for this second environmental initiative could be up to 255 million pounds. Chris Grayling, the United Kingdom's secretary of transport, states that the government is striving to make a "green revolution."

What's the main criticism?

It seems that several environmental groups believe the UK officials should have added a scrappage scheme to their strategy.

They also emphasized the need for immediate clean air zones.

What are the main goals?

The UK government believes that if no diesel and petrol cars are sold by 2040, there will be an incredible lowering of pollution. They aim to have only zero-emission cars circulating their roads by 2050.

The report made by UK officials includes the promise for the allocation of over 40 million pounds. The money would be used by local authorities so that they can begin local schemes for clean air. Road layouts may thus be changed, and public transportation could be improved to convince the population to use public transportation instead of personal cars.

Where do the funds come from?

When it comes to the funds for this pro-environmental strategy, the UK government seems to have made up their mind.

The tax on the vehicles that run on diesel is going to be increased, and the budgets of certain departments will be changed. There is still no exact information on these two funding strategies, but UK officials promised they would provide more details by the end of this year according to the BBC.

What if the initiatives are not as effective?

In case these environmental initiatives are not efficient enough regarding reducing air pollution, other measures could be implemented. However, campaigners believe that more measures should be implemented now. They point out that the health and environment issues in the United Kingdom have a negative effect that should be stopped with immediate action.

According to campaigners, the plans should include the implementation of immediate measures to tackle air pollution linked to approximately 40,000 deaths in the United Kingdom every year.

Environmental standards are necessary, and it is a positive thing to be informed about clean air initiatives.