The rising costs of health care insurance and fees of doctors gave most of the American people the option to alternative medicine. Fish Antibiotics are the most popular alternative medication that people could readily afford and are available over the counter of veterinary clinics.

Antibiotics for animal consumption as an alternative cure for human sickness

Medical experts are troubled over the shift of medication chosen by people who don't have health care or could not afford to see a doctor. The antibiotics opted are for the treatment of pets, other animals, and even fish.

Americans self-medicate and take risks for a cheaper option to treat their ailments. They say that some doctors gave them the nod to engage in the drugs used for animals. In the absence of insurance and the budget for medical bills, the patients want to try it out and see if it works.

The risk of taking alternative animal antibiotics

Veterinarian Maria Bromme reiterates that self-medication of antibiotics may lead to overdose and could pose a threat to the future. The practice of taking none prescribed animal antibiotics could build antibiotic resistance through overuse. Antibiotic resistance is not only dangerous to the patient but also poses a threat to the world.

Bromme adds that it is not wise to take fish antibiotics as it is not a controlled substance as human antibiotics.

When pathogens become resistant to antibiotics, it will be even harder to treat it in the future, reports Buzzfeed News.

The most popular alternative cure: Fish Antibiotics

The introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s gave hope to people as it is available to patients when common illnesses threaten lives. The present method of acquiring antibiotics is to obtain a prescription from a physician before purchasing it over the veterinary counter.

Americans without insurance and health care opted to try alternative drugs in the form of fish antibiotics. The Alternative cure is available over veterinary stores and on line purchase. Fish antibiotics are cheap and do not need a doctor's prescription, according to Survival Doctor.

Physicians and pharmacists still do not recommend animal medicines for human consumption for two main reasons.

First, it has no approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it is not USP certified.

With all the information about animal antibiotics available to people, there is a choice to take it or not. At least when it comes to emergency situations, people can do it knowledgeably and calculate the risk of taking the alternative medication.