A U.S. mother has come under fire for using her own Breast Milk to bake brownies for a school bake school. The Mom posted anonymously on Facebook that she had been baking at home for the event when she realized she was out of milk and didn't have time to run to the store. Instead, the woman claims she used a small amount of breast milk in order to complete the recipe.

The post was captured and reposted to Facebook by page "Sanctimommy", which has over 100,000 likes and followers. The woman's name was blocked out on the post so she could not be identified. The post has received a lot of attention from "Sanctimommy" followers, some of whom have left entertaining comments in response to it.

At the time it was screenshotted by "Sanctimommy", it had received 246 comments in the space of thirty-four minutes.

Children should not be given unscreened breast milk

In accordance with recommendations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, children should not be given breast milk from an unscreened or unknown source. As a mother's milk is a bodily fluid, it can carry and pass on diseases such as HIV. The FDA clearly states that unscreened breast milk is a risk to babies and should not be purchased online or from strangers. According to Fox News, many people who commented on the post were concerned with the safety of the milk and expressed shock that a mother could not see issues with giving it to other children without consent.

Commenters expressed a range of emotions and responses

Comments left in response to the post ranged from angry and confused to amused. One commenter quipped that it reminded her of the time she made lemonade using her own urine, whilst another woman labeled the mom an "amateur" for not using her own eggs.

Fellow moms were less than happy that a mother did not take other children's health and well-being into consideration.

One woman was particularly enraged, saying that the mom's actions were very close to being a criminal offense and calling the act "borderline psychotic". A fellow mom commented on the post expressing her appreciation of breast milk and breast milk donation, but making it clear that sneaking it into baked goods for a Bake Sale was not cool.

The mom who wrote the post said that she felt some of the kids at the school would benefit from the added nutrition and that people were over-reacting.

It is unclear if the Facebook is legitimate but if it is, it raises serious questions about school bake sales in the future.

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