Any fair is a venue for entertainment and a joyous occasion when people gather to enjoy the various offerings and liven up the moment. They want to carry back sweet memories of time well spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, the Ohio State Fair, in Columbus, this year will be remembered for a tragedy that snatched away one life and left seven injured, three of them seriously.

The tragic incident occurred on the Fire Ball Ride which malfunctioned and threw the revelers on the ground. There were children and adults among the injured and other rides were shut down after the accident as a precautionary measure.

What is known?

According to Fox News, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has ordered that all rides in the Ohio State Fair must be shut down until such time they are subject to a thorough inspection and has ordered an investigation. He was saddened by the accident and the loss of life and expressed his grief over the incident. He also assured complete transparency in investigation to arrive at the root cause.

The cause of the malfunction was not immediately clear but, the region has been experiencing bad weather with storms and flooding and the staff had to work long hours to ensure that the rides were in good working condition.

The tragedy occurred on the opening day of the fair and has left a bad taste in the mouth. The fair is scheduled to run through Aug. 6 and stopping the rides would be a disappointment for the visitors. Many of the rides had not been released for the public because work was still going on. Incidentally, the Fire Ball Ride that malfunctioned had undergone inspection more than once, including one by a third-party inspector.

Recent accidents in amusement parks

There has been a number of accidents in recent times in amusement parks that involved different categories of rides. The fact is that rides are meant to transport the person into a world of fast action and speed. He has seen action in movies and wants to experience something similar. Hence the attraction to participate in fast-paced rides. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of those who organize fairs like the Ohio State Fair to ensure foolproof safety.

Visitors are tempted to enjoy the rides like the Fire Ball Ride and should be guaranteed full safety.

The tragedy in Ohio is not an isolated one. There have been reports in the media about several other cases where children and even youngsters suffered injuries. Obviously, there is a need to improve the checking of various parts of the equipment which is usually a combination of mechanical, electrical and electronic components that must operate in unison to make a ride safe.

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