Kim Kardashian has often shared with the public that she wants a big family. She already has two children, and in six months she will add a third child to her family. It doesn't matter whether it will be a baby boy or girl because she already has one of each. North is four-years-old, and Saint is 19-months-old. Therefore, her children are close in age just as she is with her four sisters and one brother.

Kim's doctors have advised her not to undergo another pregnancy because of a dangerous condition that could be fatal for her and the baby.

The placenta accreta has made it dangerous for her to give birth to another child. However, that has not stopped Kim and Kanye West from considering another way to have another child.

About the surrogate

It was announced last month that the 36-year-old reality star and her 40-year-old rapper husband had agreed to pay a surrogate to carry their child because of Kim's medical condition. They allegedly agreed to pay the agency $68,850 and the surrogate $45,000 in ten monthly installments. That will be $4,500 each month.

An additional $5,000 will be paid for each multiple birth.

It has now been reported that the Wests found a surrogate that met all the qualifications they stipulated. The woman agreed to be careful with her overall health and to follow some special rules presented to her by Kim and Kanye. For instance, she is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs. She is not to take hot baths or use a sauna.

She agreed not to eat raw fish or handle cat litter.

The surrogate came highly recommended from the agency because she has her own family and has served as a surrogate before for someone else. The unnamed surrogate is a San Diego mother in her late 20s. She is already three-months pregnant with the couple's baby that is due to arrive in January 2018.

Kim and Kanye

While the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality star and her rapper husband are waiting for their third child to arrive, they are busy designing pieces of clothing for the two children they already have.

Kim has posted promotional items on social media for the Kids Supply children's clothing line that she and Kanye launched in May.

Their clothing line for kids includes a collection of dresses in pink and black, embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, a bomber jacket, and hats. So far, the parents have more than 10 pieces of childrens clothing available for sale. Online items range in price from $22 to $240.

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