Even though the United States has withdrawn from the Paris accord on climate change, the people of Los Angeles believe that it is an issue that must be addressed in the larger interests of society. It has set itself a target of eliminating tailpipe emissions by 2030 and the Metropolitan Transport Authority has agreed to procure 95 electric buses to achieve this.

According to plans, the buses will run on the city busways, and environmental advocates have appreciated the move. They look at it as a pioneering step towards adopting a new technology that will help to bring down transportation emissions and also create local jobs.

This will be the testing ground

Los Angeles Times reports that this mode of public transport can be considered to be a proving ground for a new technology that is still in its initial stages. The number of buses proposed at present will represent less than 5% of Metro’s fleet. However, it will double the number of such buses in use in California and will show that, while America has pulled out of the accord on climate change, the people of Los Angeles wants to check its ill effects and are determined to move ahead towards a brighter future.

The technology of electric buses is still under development, and one of its negatives is that it still cannot cover long distances when compared to the natural gas-powered ones that can run hundreds of miles at a stretch.

To take care of such concerns, two specific routes have been identified for a start in Los Angeles for the Silver Line and the Orange Line. Chargers will be installed on the routes to enable charging of the bus batteries in case they run low. The tentative date for completion of the Blue Line is 2020 and the Silver Line 2021.

It is expected that introduction of these buses will generate jobs for the locals.

Check greenhouse gases and arrest global warming

Climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gases are interlinked. The objective of those who want to keep the world and its assets safe for the future generation is to control the emission of carbon dioxide.

This gas comes from the burnt fuels like petrol and diesel apart from coal in furnaces. If these can be controlled, it will reduce the presence of the harmful gases and, consequently, the associated evils of global warming and climate change.

The solution is to discard all forms of fossil fuels and embrace alternate forms of energy like solar power, wind power, and electricity. The initiative of Los Angeles to induct electric buses is a positive step in the right direction. Those who promote fossil fuel must realize that its continued use is pushing the world to the edge of a precipice.

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