Marijuana used to be treated as dreaded product and those who had acquired the habit and became addicts were a despised lot, shunned by society. However, that concept of the past has changed and, over a period of time, people have realized that it has medicinal properties. As a result, it has risen through the ranks from being a banned product to a valuable one and many states look upon it as a major source of revenue.

Pennsylvania has drawn up plans to have a medical marijuana dispensary in the state which will offer opportunities for employment.

Accordingly, people arrived in large numbers to attend interviews in McKeesport to get one of the jobs.

A look at the plan

Daily Mail UK reports that Pure Penn located in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, is setting up a plant to make medicinal products of marijuana. Gabe Perlow, PurePenn's CEO has indicated to a section of the media that the facility will be completed by December and will be able to deliver high quality products. It will be spread out over five acres of land and will have a sufficiently large unit to manufacture products that can take care of several types of diseases like cancer, sickle cell, and seizure disorders etcetera.

Their products will include oils, ointments and pills that have medicinal properties and with large scale unemployment, the company will play a major role in providing jobs.

Hundreds of people turned up to attend the job fair and the company has assured that there are many vacancies and hopefuls can apply for jobs on their website. Benefits that employees can expect at Pure Penn include normal ones like medical insurance and are comparable to what others companies provide.

Marijuana is a revenue earner

Forbes in a report of 11 April 2017 indicated that states that have legalized marijuana could create more than $650 million in state taxes on retail sales in 2017 out of which more than $550 million would be from cannabis taxes and it will be considerably more than than from alcohol taxes.

With the legalizing of medical marijuana, states have realized that it is a major revenue earner and the tax collection runs into millions of dollars.

Interested parties want to cash in on the demand for marijuana with medicinal properties and innovate in the nature of the final products. Like any other industry, this also is poised for growth and with the passage of time, new states are jumping onto the bandwagon because they understand that it is a profitable venture. Simultaneously, to cater for the gradual increase in demand, new entrants are coming to the forefront to capture a share of the market. Pure Penn in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, is one of these entities.