Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have reportedly made the decision to hire a surrogate for their third child. The couple already have two children together, North West and Saint West. Kim suffers from a condition known as Placenta Accreta, which would make a third pregnancy Life Threatening for the star. Surrogacy is the safest option for Kim to take for both her health and the health of her child

What is placenta accreta?

According to American Pregnancy, placenta accerta occurs when the placenta attaches itself too deeply to the uterine wall.

This condition occurs in approximately 1 in every 2500 pregnancies. The exact cause of the condition remains unknown however; mothers who have caesarean delivery will increase their risk of getting the condition.

Placenta accreta is life threatening for the mother and can mean she will haemorrhage to death during attempts to separate the placenta from the uterine wall. It is also extremely risky for the pregnancy and can lead to premature delivery and complications for the foetus. There is no treatment for placenta accreta. In the most severe cases, the mother will have to have a hysterectomy.

What does hiring a surrogate mean for the famous couple?

The Daily Mail has reported that the surrogacy will cost the couple thousands of dollars.

Initially, costs are estimated at around $68,000 and this is just the initial deposit to be payed to the surrogacy agency. There will be additional monthly costs of $4500 for 10 months. Should the surrogacy result in twins or triplets, the surrogate is entitled to 5K per child. In the instance where the surrogate loses her reproductive organs, she will gain an additional sum of $4000.

The agency has insurances that Kim and Kanye will become the legal guardians of the children even in cases where the child possesses any abnormalities or congenital defects. It also assures that the surrogate will follow the guideline of rules during the surrogacy. These include no drinking, smoking and drugs during her pregnancy.

She must not have sex 3 weeks following the implant of the embryo.

This is certainly an expensive endeavour for Kim and husband Kanye. However, when placenta accreta is involved it is best to avoid the risk of pregnancy. Hiring a surrogate for their third child is the smartest decision that the couple can make, especially as Kim suffered so much with her pregnancy with Saint. There has yet to be a comment from the Kardashian representatives.