Love is timeless, and love is true, especially for Lucinda Myers and Murphy Wilson. Huntsville, Alabama is full of second chances and gave one to both Myers, 67, and Wilson, 70, by bringing the lovely couple together. The couple can attest to "everything happens for a reason," since they met after each was coming out of a previous relationship. Their sweet viral engagement photos are an inspiring celebration of their tide-turning relationship.

Romance novels start in the same manner that Wilson and Myers' story did. Recently widowed, Wilson wasn't looking for anyone, and neither was Myers -- who had been married but got divorced 30 years ago.

It seems true that you find exactly what you're looking for when you least expect it.

Myers noticed when Wilson was missing at church

The inspiring couple attended the same church, and Lucinda would notice when Murphy was absent. It is obvious that someone cares about you when they notice that you are missing in church. Myers couldn't help but ask Wilson where he had been, which motivated Wilson to hug Lucinda, and from there their budding romance bloomed.

Wilson had been paying close attention to Lucinda from the beginning, noticing her million dollar smile and stealing glances at her whenever he could. Luckily, Wilson's sister came to his rescue and intervened by inviting Myers to a family event so that they could spend some quality time together.

After four short months, the couple was engaged and they are planning their wedding for July 29th of this year. Wilson made his advances using a devotional book to declare an update to her name from Lucinda Myers to Lucinda Wilson. His assertive yet romantic gesture did the trick to win Lucinda over.

Even their engagement photographer could see their connection

Their photographer mentioned younger couples' requirement of coercion to show affection to one another, but this couple knows that life is too short to hold back. The photographer even called it a dream to work with them. Genuine, sweet, innocent, and absolutely inspiring are the words that describe the lovely couple.

True love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, places, and ages. Lucinda and Murphy are here to inspire the world not to give up on love too young. Everyone deserves to feel highly favored with butterflies in their stomach just as much as Murphy Wilson does. Their radiant love is one you can feel, even through their pictures.