Unarguably a favorite among travelers, Dumaguete is a far cry from your average provincial capital. It has been listed as one of the best places outed as an ideal retirement city for expats by Forbes.com. Now, many of you may now be wondering just how good this small city is?

Cost of living

Like other Asian countries, life in the Philippines is not as inexpensive as you think. Compared to other cities, you will find that your money goes further in Dumaguete, unlike the metropolis. Renting a decent place may cost US$300 a month or less while you could spend US$10 for food if you feel like going out to a good restaurant.

Meals at a Filipino restaurant will only set you back US$2-US$3. Expats who have decided to settle down in Dumaguete would agree that it is one of the few places in the world where you can live comfortably with US$1,000 per month. Of course, the budget would still vary according to factors like marital status and other dependents.


Laid-back: this best describes the place and its locals. Though relatively small compared to major cities, The City of gentle people has an abundance of business establishments. However, despite the modern conveniences, the place has somehow retained its laid-back atmosphere. It is also home to Silliman Medical center and several BPO and IT companies that are growing quickly.

And though you will not run short for a place to gather and party with friends, the city could still be astoundingly quiet and peaceful at night.

Academic institutions

Dumaguete is home to the seaside campus Silliman University, a National Historic Landmark established in 1901; St. Paul University, which was founded in 1904; Negros Oriental State University in 1907; Foundation University in 1949 to name a few.

This university town attracts and brings in a diverse crowd, further bracing the town's culture.


The city regularly receives a steady flock of tourists who want to scuba dive and island hop. Situated between Cebu and Siquijor islands, Dumaguete is the ideal base for nearby, world-renowned diving sites.

Orderliness and safety

Unlike the buzzing crowd and severely polluted metropolis, Dumaguete is much cleaner and safer. One could still feel and breathe fresh country air, which can be very refreshing. More so, crowded places still feel safe. Heinous crimes are almost non-existent and local or not; you could still feel safe on evening strolls.