Oh, Manila, Philippines! This is an incredibly bustling and overcrowded capital teeming with so many activities! Yet Manila is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of guts to explore and get to know the innards of the city. Exploring the city, away from the more popular and touristy places is an adventure one may never forget.

While it's nice to see the humongous malls and other posh wining and dining places of Bonifacio Global City or Greenbelt, these places do not represent the entirety of the city capital. Venture to places such as the real Manila and you will discover this for yourself.

As you do this, you will come to realize how insanely cheap the city is. Your $10 note goes a really long way here.

Manila: Bang for your buck! Here is what your $10 is worth

  • Good 'ol Strong Beer - Steer clear from the imported brands as you will notice its price is just the same as the U.S. This is especially the case in high-end bars and clubs around. Go to places such as Malate and you will encounter the famous local brand, Red Horse, It is a strong beer for literally a dollar per bottle. If you get a bucket (1 bucket equals 6 bottles) it will cost you between $7 and $8. Order shrimp chips on the side for additional $2 and you get a complete drinking experience. Don't get too drunk though.
  • Premier Movie Experience - Fancy watching the latest movie in ultimate fashion? Head on to the Director's Club which is found in various malls. Here, you can watch movies while comfortably lounging on Lazy Boys with unlimited popcorn all for $10. Note that Hollywood films premiere in Manila around the same date as the U.S.
  • Fresh, literally fresh seafood - Places called Dampa (a wet market with restaurants around), is the place to be. Here, you can choose the seafood you like and have it cooked the way you want. Your $10 can get you fresh seafood as it is taken from the aquarium straight to the pan. Add a little bit more and you can have prawns and crabs.
  • Uber ride - Manila has one of the most horrible traffic conditions in the whole world so Uber is a reliable transportation ally. Traveling from Point A to Point B in the crazy traffic conditions is not ideal, so Uber can do all the work and worry gets you to many places from your hotel for $10.
  • Massage - Spas abound. However, make sure to stay away from the shoddy looking ones. On average $10 can get you a good hour to an hour and a half of deep tissue massage.
  • Bargain shirts, shoes, bags - Go to places like Greenhills or Divisoria for the extremely brave and you'd be surprised how many goodies your $10 can get you.
  • Good food - Head on to any mall food court and your $10 can get you stuffed full. There are lots of food stalls to choose from so be sure to bring your appetite.
  • Haircut for men in style - Not only will you get the finest haircut to make you look dapper, you get shampoo, conditioning, and styling as well. As you wait for the stylist to make final touches, a great shoulder massage is also provided.

Worth a visit - definitely!

If you are into cheap thrills and adventures, Manila is the place to go but it is best to proceed with caution.

Be sure to travel with an equally adventurous companion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with befriending the locals as they are some of the most loving and sincere people on earth. They also speak and understand English very well. However, being reasonably cautious is recommended.

Manila, for the most part, is not too different from other Southeast Asian capitals.

It is developing fast so don't be surprised to see a stark contrast between the rich and the poor. Manila is progressive as it is teeming with skyscrapers and the hippest of clubs and establishments. However, it is also poverty stricken.