In an era where our phones are the first and last thing we see every morning and at night, it comes as no surprise that swiping left and right on social media and/or dating app platforms increasingly catches up with the more traditional ways of finding "the one." When it comes to matters of the heart, everything is possible and there is certainly nothing wrong with meeting and falling in love with someone you meet online.

Finding common interests and connecting with someone you would like to get to know better is as instantaneous as scrolling through their profile in social media platforms and dating apps, and shooting them a simple "hi or hello" or some cheesy pickup line in their inbox to initiate a conversation.

The concept of finding love through the internet is not as unlikely as it sounds, notes. But preconceived judgments that online dating does not usually last is just as plausible. Truth to be told, however, falling for someone in this platform is not a ten-minute conversation; we are talking about the kind of thing where you meet someone virtually, like you do in person, and talk for eternity. The question of how this type of set-up effects relationships remain—and what we can do to fix it.

Be extra careful

Dating apps and social media are excellent tools to meet interesting people and create relationships, but make sure you use common sense. While you may be tempted to share all aspects of your life, remember that your partner may not be on the same page so always be on the lookout for your safety.

As they say, follow your heart but take your brain with you too.

Insecurity and jealousy

Depending on how low-key or discreet your partner can be, insights into their minds, behavior, and actions are made accessible online. The Good Men's Project notes that your significant other's activities can breed jealousy or insecurity—while one partner may not think liking the post of an ex or a friend of the opposite gender is big of a deal, the other partner may see and interpret it otherwise.

So sit, avoid miscommunication by talking it out with your partner...come up with an agreement on social media/online platform use that fits your relationship.

Be honest even if others are not

As convenient as it is in meeting and getting to know people when it comes to having an online profile, there is no one stopping you from saying things that aren't true so never ever fall into the trap of believing everything you see.

Nevertheless, even if others cannot be honest, be courageous enough to show emotional maturity through honesty. It may be easy to take lying and turn it into something more serious that you think you can get away with. But, always remember that it can be pretty difficult to keep track of a web of lies and deceit.