A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors has revealed that 71 percent of the population believe that now is a good time to sell a home. Correspondingly, 70 percent of those surveyed believe that now is also an ideal time to purchase a home. If your home is currently on the market there is a good chance that an interested buyer will claim your home as their own. On the flip side, if your home has been on the market for longer than anticipated this summer, Home Staging could be the solution.

Keep in mind that first impressions have a significant impact on the buyers decision-making process.

With this tip in mind do not take it personal that buyers may not be attracted to your own eclectic or unique style. Instead take the emotions away and prepare your home for its future occupants. Use the following tips to stage your home to perfection and get more buyers interested in closing the deal on your home this summer.

Curb Appeal

Often times when preparing to sell a home much of the focus and attention is given to the inside of the home. While attending to the interior is definitely important, remember that the outside of the home is the first thing that a home buyer is going to see. Ultimately, the curb appeal (or lack there of) could essentially make or break the sale. If the outside of the home is well maintained potential home buyers will be sure to take note.

Be sure to go the extra mile to perfect the exterior of your home.

  • Water and mow your lawn regularly. The greener the grass the more green (or money) you can expect to hit your bank account at closing.
  • Use sprinklers. Before an open house or showing appointment, turn on sprinklers 5 to 30 min before potential buyers arrive to give the lawn an added sparkle.
  • Trim the trees. Use shears to trim down decorative trees and bushes. Pay close attention to bush height, do not let bushes hide features of your home (i.e., porch, fences, the garage or windows).
  • Tend to the garden. Cut away dead foliage around your garden and rake away any excess leaves.
  • Use mulch or colored wood chips. Give flower beds a fresh and desirable look by adding colored wood chips or mulch to your lawn.
  • Showcase colorful plants. If there are no flowers on your lawn consider purchasing radiant plants or potted flowers to give the lawn a visual boost. If you are not sure what flowers to select or simply do not have the time hire a local contractor to assist you. The investment will pay off greatly and could help to sell your home faster and for more money.
  • Focus on paved areas. Pay close attention to driveways, sidewalks and walkways. Be sure to remove overgrown grass to create clean or defined lines. Also be sure to pay careful attention to detail by removing any weeds from the cracks in the pavement. If possible also consider resealing the driveway to add even more curb appeal.
  • Power wash. For an added gloss power washing driveways, sidewalks and walkways can have buyers take note at the attention to detail.
  • Add lighting to the yard. Some potential buyers may drive by to view the home in the evening. Install lighting in the front yard and along the driveway or walkways to add even more character to the home. Line the garage door with sconces that will light up the area too.
  • Paint the inside of the garage white and clear out all clutter. By doing so the garage space will look brighter, larger and more appealing.
  • Add lighting to the trees. To make your home truly stand out at night, purchase or rent uplighting for the trees in the yard.
  • Paint the front door. Use a bright inviting color such as red, orange, blue or yellow. If going bright does not feel quite right consider using a fresh coat of black or gray paint.
  • Toss out the old welcome mat. Purchase a brand new welcome mat to place in front of the door.
  • Assess house numbers. Be sure that house numbers are visible from the street, if they are not purchase new numbers or neatly paint over current house numbers.
  • Pay attention to the mailbox. Many home sellers forget to update the mailbox. Paint, repair or purchase a new mailbox altogether if the current one is dated or weather-worn.
  • Repaint critical outdoor surfaces. For weather-worn wooden fences, porches, rocking chairs and swings revive them with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Declutter the porch. Porch furniture and decorations can easily clutter and detract from curb appeal. Reduce porch furniture down to a few key items. Also remove bird feeders, hanging plants and wind chimes.
  • Replace porch lights. Make sure that the porch light is working properly.
  • Repair siding. Make any necessary repairs to the siding of the home and window treatments.
  • Wash windows. Clean and wash the outside of the windows so that they will glisten when the sun hits them.


The look and feel of backyard is just as essential as the front, especially in the summer.

Buyers want to get a sense of how they can entertain and relax in the backyard. Provide them with a clear vision by doing the following:

  • Arrange patio furniture. Position the patio furniture in ways that create space for conversation and entertaining.
  • Use vibrant summer colors. Tap into the spirit of summer by integrating bright or beach themed throw pillows on patio furniture.
  • Purchase new cushions. For patio chair cushions that appear to be flat as a pancake, give them a fresh new look by purchasing new cushions.
  • Clean the grill. Keep the grill clean and strategically place so that home buyers can easily visualize having cook outs and other intimate gatherings in the backyard.
  • Clean and maintain the pool. A pool can be an added selling point during any season, but especially during the summer months. As a result it is vital to keep the pool clean and well maintained. If needed have the pool serviced and pay for professional maintenance. Power wash any unsightly marks or scuffs that appear on the cement around the pool. Poolside furniture should be clean and give a relaxing feel. Consider purchasing a large patio umbrella and provide neatly folded towels to give a luxurious lounge effect. Keep in mind that the pool by itself could be the difference in selling your home in days as opposed to months.
  • Store garden equipment neatly. Garden hoses, rakes, tools and other backyard equipment should be stored neatly or tucked away out of sight.
  • Accessorize where appropriate. Add a pop of color by purchasing an outdoor area rug, add candle lanterns or other attractive outdoor lighting.
  • Use window boxes. Add color, character and charm with window boxes filled with vibrant flowers.
  • Replace any cracked tiles or loose floor boards on the deck.
  • Give life to dull or faded decks. Consider sanding and staining dull decks to an aesthetically pleasing neutral tone.
  • Tidy up the sunroom. In sunrooms or sun porches be sure that there are clean windows paired with minimal but functional furniture. Also dust cobwebs and dead bugs off the screens and out out of the corners.


It is also essential to pay close attention to detail in the interior of your home during the summer months.

Be sure to remove personalize items from your home, clear all clutter and clean every corner of your home. Throw away items that are no longer needed, have a garage sale or consider donating them to a local charity. Invest in a storage unit to stockpile extra furniture, off season items or unused pieces around the home. The goal is to showcase the full potential of your home.

  • Clean window interiors. In addition to cleaning the outside of your windows, be sure to clean the inside of the windows too. Also check to make sure that all window seals are bug-free, dust-free and latches are functional (i.e., not painted shut).
  • Let there be light. Remove drapes and open blinds or shades to let the natural sunlight in.
  • Use natural hues on the walls. Consider painting darker colored walls in neutral tones and shades.
  • Crank up the AC. Make sure that the air conditioning is in tip-top condition, have it serviced and be sure that all the rooms throughout the home are nice and cool.
  • Update the bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom consider replacing the large vanity cabinet with a modern pedestal sink. Or if you have a pedestal sink that looks unpleasant consider disguising it by adding a small portable island cabinet. This upgrade can instantly add storage space and visual appeal.
  • Paint the bathrooms blue. Paint your bathrooms light periwinkle or powder blue. Zillow’s 2017 Color Analysis revealed that homes with these hues in the bathrooms sold for $5,440 more than expected.
  • Give the kitchen a makeover. In the kitchen clean out the refrigerator, clear the clutter off the counters and organize the pantry. Also replace missing or outdated cabinet handles with modern knobs and update the cooking area with backsplash (an inexpensive way to add a beautiful finishing touch).
  • Clean and declutter closets. Next to the bathrooms and kitchen, the closets are a top selling point in a home. Organize them by storing items in bins and fancy boxes. Take note from the classic movie Mommy Dearest for the famous line, “No wire hangers!” Toss them and replace with elegant wooden hangers (or use matching sturdy plastic hangers if you are on a tight budget). Color block clothing to make the closets look neat and organized to really stand out.
  • Tend to the ceiling fans. If ceiling fans are throughout the home make sure that they have been dusted and polished. Also make sure that they are functional and working properly. Having the ceiling fans on could add a nice summer feel to the home.

Bonus Tip: If you opt to take the DIY route be sure to get another set of eyes to review your adjustments and upgrades.

Extend an invite to a local home staging professional (very highly recommended), your Real Estate agent, a neighbor, family member or friend. They may find an important detail that you might have overlooked.

Home staging during the summer months is truly about bringing certain elements of the interior outside, while at the same time cleverly bringing elements of the outside into the home. Grab home buyers attention from the moment they pull up to the curb. Keep their attention by making the whole house aesthetically appealing and functional.

Have you had success selling a home during the summer months? Let us know in the comments below.