Even in today’s tough economy, there are many who wish to sell their house. Whether it is because of a new job in a new state, the need to move because one can not afford the state they're in, or because they are trying to get out of a bad neighborhood, there is always a reason behind it. The following tips will help you achieve your goals and help you obtain a fair price on your home.

You hired a Real Estate agent because they are in the business of showing and selling your home. When a prospect home buyer comes to inspect your home, your job is to meet, greet and disappear.

Let your agent do his/her job, show your property, answer questions and sell, sell, sell.

Don't let the kids get in the way and keep it clean

If you have children and/or pets, don’t let them run around when prospect buyers are visiting your home. Whether it is an open house or one-on-one showing, buyers are there on business and do not need to be distracted by yelling children or barking dogs. Make arrangements for the kids and pets to ensure they are either away from the home or busy and quiet in a less seen area of the house. Turn off televisions, radios, and games as a quiet setting is best in this case.

To make sure your house is shown at it’s best, see to it that it is as clean as possible.

Remember first impressions leave a big impact on the buyer's mind. Do not have items like packed boxes, toys, and clothing sitting in the middle of the room or in the corners. Chipped or peeling paint, broken blinds, torn shades, fingerprints on the wall, and dirty rugs can all give the wrong impression and make the house look run down.

Staging and curb appeal

If you have moved out of your house before selling it, try to stage your house like someone still lives there. Leave curtains or drapery in place, make sure rugs are cleaned, leave lamps for night showings, stage unneeded furniture to give the buyer an idea of what the room is or can be used for. This also helps them visualize their own things in the room.

Make sure your house has curb appeal by keeping the grass cut, hedges trimmed, and the garden weeds pulled if you are selling in the warmer months. In winter, keep sidewalks shoveled, icy spots covered with salt or sand, and welcome mats out so they can wipe their feet before entering.

Put things in order

Do a home inspection and repair any leaky faucets, pipes, broken or cracked windows, electrical outlets, and so forth. Clean overcrowded closets.

The kitchen and bathroom/s are a big selling feature in any home so make sure they are neat and clean. Wash and put away dishes, make sure the floors are clean, keep shelves neatly arranged, and take out the garbage. Put up clean towels in the bathroom, clean the mirrors, and put away your essentials.