Admit it. You have never seen a picture of Queen Elizabeth wearing beige or a pale color. She wears bright neon colors when she is out and about. The Queen Of England favors Bright colors for a reason. You have probably noticed that she always wears matching hats.

Throughout her reign, the Queen of England has worn dozens of bright neon colors. She has been seen in bright colors of lime green, royal blue, canary yellow, hot pink and others. The queen isn't making a fashion statement. Instead, she had a very special reason for choosing to wear bright colors.

The long-reigning monarch loves vivid colors and they serve a very important purpose.

Reason for bright colors

According to her daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, the Queen wants to make sure she can be seen by the crowds. No matter how thick the crowds are, the queen can be spotted because she stands out even when the crowds are up to 15 deep. People want to say they saw her even if they only got a glimpse of her bright hat that matched her outfit. For some, it is a once-in-a-lifetime sighting.

If she wore muted colors, she would not stand out in a crowd. If she dressed like everybody else, people would not be able to distinguish her from others around her. Queen Elizabeth reportedly once said that she doesn't wear beige because nobody would recognize her.

Queen Elizabeth has a signature style unlike anyone else. For as long as she has been on the throne she has worn a monochromatic color with matching coat and hat. She is not seen in any somber, muted hues like black, brown, or beige. She has always had a preference for vivid blues, intense greens and dazzling purples in a variety of dramatic shades.

Another thing to notice is that the Queen of England wears only solid colors. She is never seen in flowers, stripes, checkered or plaid outfits. They will be quite distracting and not easy on the eyes.

Advanced planning

Because the queen travels to different countries with different climates and weather, her outfits have to be planned months in advance.

One of her designers said the average time for planning her outfits is six months. Sometimes the plan is for an entire year.

Prince William's wife, Duchess Kate, is much younger, and sometimes she follows in Queen Elizabeth's footsteps by wearing bright colors. However, bright colors are not her only choice. Duchess Kate never wears the same color as the queen when they are attending the same event.