Prince William and Duchess Kate are often seen together in public and photographed together. People have studied them over the years since they began dating ten years before they got married. Throughout their engagement and marriage, they have been an iconic couple and have been watched around the world. Their every move has been under the close eyes of photographers and the public.

Body language experts have watched them even closer than most people and have wondered about something for years. Finally, Robin Kermode, a body language expert, shared a couple of observations with the Daily Mail that are very interesting.

Never hold hands

In the photos seen around the world of Prince William and Duchess Kate, no one has ever seen them holding hands in public. That's because they don't. Apparently, Prince William doesn't pay too much attention to one of the Beatles' hits, "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The group from the prince's native England recorded the song in October 1963 that was written by John Lennon and Paul McCarthy.

It is no question about the couple's love for each other, but they don't display public affection.

No one has even seen them holding hands in public, and there is a very special reason why they don't.

William is said to be following in the tradition of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. She has been married to Prince Philip for almost 70 years, and they rarely hold hands in public. Prince William and Duchess Kate are simply following the tradition that has been set before them by the queen. There is no official rule that says royals can't hold hands in public, but Queen Elizabeth has chosen not to do it and so has William.

No ring

While we are on the subject of hands, it is also very noticeable that Prince William doesn't follow another tradition. He doesn't wear a wedding band now, and he has never worn one. There is nothing wrong with his ring finger. He doesn't wear a wedding ring because it has been reported that it is just not his thing.

William And Kate got married in Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 after dating off and on for 10 years.

About 1,900 guests attended the wedding and an estimated two billion people watched it on television around the globe. The royal family figured there would be questions; therefore, a statement was released prior to the wedding that Prince William would not be wearing a wedding band because of personal preference.

It turns out that it is a shared decision among others in the family. Prince Philip and Prince Charles don't wear wedding rings either.

Without a ring, the Duke of Cambridge is a loving husband and a family man. He loves the Duchess of Cambridge and their two beautiful children, three-year-old Prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte.

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