When Oprah Winfrey was hosting her talk show for 25 years, every time she recommended a Book, it went straight to the top of the best-seller list. She started a book club and people all of the world started reading more than they had before. There was one book that Oprah had read before she started recommending books to others.

According to CNBC on Saturday, June 17, the name of the book that Oprah read back in 1989 that changed her life was "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav. She mentioned the book in the recent commencement address she gave at Skidmore College.

The graduates listened to her talk about the guidelines from the book that she used to become a successful entrepreneur.

About the book

The 63-year-old businesswoman said Zukav's book gives tips that anyone can use to have a successful life like she has. In his book, Zukav said every action is followed by a reaction. In other words, before every thought or an action, there is an intention. Oprah said she began to use that principle in her own life. She believed like Zukav that the outcome of every experience is determined first by the intention. The media mogul emphasized that the principle literally saved her and changed her life.

Winfrey confessed that before she read the book and began to use the principle Zukav recommended, she was a people pleaser.

Up until then, she wanted to do whatever people wanted her to do whether she wanted to do those things or not. She also confessed that when she first started making money, many of her family members and friends came out of the woodwork asking for money, and she never turned them down even when she wanted to.

She began to see improvement in her life after he started making decisions based on her intention and not just on what others wanted her to do.

Before she made a decision, she would ask herself what she wanted the outcome to be based on that particular decision.

Once she got into the habit of applying intentional thinking to everything she did, she saw progress. In other words, Oprah began to think of the outcome before she made any decision.

Oprah concluded that she had a successful talk show for 25 years because that was her intention.

Needless to say, after Oprah Winfrey delivered the commencement speech to 600 members of the Class of 2017, book sales went up for "The Seat of the Soul."

Research shows that when Zukav revised his book 25 years later in 2014, Oprah wrote the foreword for the book. After all, she is living proof that Zukav's principles work.