President Donald Trump is being watched all the time. Pictures are taken of him from every angle. The same thing happens with First Lady Melania Trump when she is out and about. Body Language experts have taken the time to examine and report on how they act toward each other. Everything they do is noticed and evaluated, including their hand gestures, facial expressions, and overall demeanor.

The president and first lady's relationship has been compared to the marriage of his oldest daughter and her husband's display of affection when they are seen together.

Donald and Ivanka

Most people have seen the videos of Ivanka Trump snatching her hand away from her husband when he attempted to hold it. Whether it was an accident or done on purpose, there was much talk about it and many memes on social media.

A well-known body language expert Susan Constantine pointed out some examples of how Donald and Melania don't display a connection when they are together in public. Other than the hold hands incidents, there are odd facial expressions and overall body language that point to a disconnection.

Constantine emphasized that the president doesn't seem to make his wife feel present when she's with him. Very seldom does he look in her direction. It seems that it's all about him, and he doesn't acknowledge her presence because he wants the spotlight to always be on him. In other words, their togetherness appears to be forced instead of organic. The couple's strange body language and etiquette towards each other might improve now that Ivanka has moved into the White House with her husband.

Jared and Ivanka

Even though Ivanka Trump is the daughter, her father can take a page out of her marriage manual. Whenever the 35-year-old wife and mother is out with her husband, Jared Kushner, 36, their body language indicates that they are connected and present to the other.

Constantine complimented Ivanka and Jared for showing their compatibility and equality in her interview Elite Daily about the two marriages.

She says the couple's body language suggests that they have great respect for each other, and one is not trying to take the spotlight off of the other. They are seen in many photos tightly holding hands and walking in the same steps.

The body language expert made an interesting point. She said Ivanka and Jared mirror each other. That makes their body language synchronized. Constantine is impressed with the couple's facial expressions that show love, admiration, and respect for the other.

Constantine concludes that what stands out for her is the connectedness seen in Ivanka's marriage but not in her father's marriage.

Have you noticed the things the body language expert pointed out? If not, notice them the next time you see photos of the two couples out and about.

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