Fill your mouth with a black toothpaste. Scrub your Teeth and rinse. Wow! you get nice white teeth. There are currently imagery videos and advertisements there on internet for a black toothpaste with activated carbon, which promises to make your teeth shiny white.

However, according to surgeon Ulla Pallesen of the Department of Odontology at the University of Copenhagen, active charcoal can not give a whiter smile. Experts are not familiar with any explanation that coal should give whiter teeth. There is nothing that indicates that it should have an effect for teeth whitening neither chemically.

If you have dirty teeth, the coal may at best suck some of the dyes on the surface of the teeth but they can be as well removed by regular tooth brushing.

The Active Carbons

The idea behind cult paste is that the active carbon binds to dyes and dis-colourations on the teeth. When the active coal is flushed out, the idea is that the impurities are included. But there is no evidence that it works in practice.

However, the litter does not have any harmful effects on the teeth and it is quite harmless to brush the teeth with the black toothpaste. As far as is known, there is no abrasive in the black paste. It may be the problem with some of the toothpastes that claim to have a 'whitening effect'.

The tooth rubbed on the surface may make it look brighter but in the long run it's not good for the enamel to be dragged down.

Coal may cause teeth to look whiter very briefly.

If it draws fluid out of the teeth, so they become a bit more dry and dehydrated, they look brighter just right after. It can be only when someone is open to the Dentist for 30-45 minutes and is allowed to do something to make the teeth lighter. Because there is no regrets on them.

  • However, the lighter color due to the drying process only lasts for a very short time.
  • You can pale teeth with baking soda, but that idea does not work in practice.

To regard it as a treatment that gives brighter teeth, it should last for more than a few hours and that requirement does not deliver either by charcoal or baking soda.

Fact: Not all teeth can bleach lighter

When the teeth become discolored, it is often because colorants have penetrated the teeth itself from coffee, tea, red wine, ketchup, food balls or carrots. However, the dyes may come out again but an active substance is required. Dentists use hydrogen overlap. It is genetically certain how white teeth you have. It is natural that the teeth with age get a more yellow color because the tooth-bone becomes thicker. Therefore, you should get a dentist to diagnose why the tooth is discolored.

  • If the teeth have turned yellow with age, there are no dyes that cause discoloration and they can not be bleached.