With summer just around the corner, there is an increased emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Summer is a great time to get healthy because there are many options consumers can use to help them get fit and lose weight. It is also a great time to take care of Heart Health because being outdoors makes it easy to get in great shape by exercising and enjoying summer activities.

Wearable health sales set to grow

Drug Store News reported that wearable product sales will grow by 19 percent. There have been great advances in measuring, reporting, and tracking health data.

The latest technology makes it easy to set new health goals and keep track of them. With so much data being kept track of, it offers opportunities for physicians to create more personalized care for patients. By 2020, a critical mass may occur with physicians accessing and using patient kept data to determine diagnosis and recommending treatment. Healthcare has become big business in the U.S., and wearable fitness technology is part of this latest trend.

The advantage of using wearable technology is that it helps consumers to make more informed decisions about their health. It also makes healthcare more personal, and because it's more personal, treatment is more effective because it can be tailored to the patient.

Record sales for these devices are expected in 2017 as businesses like Fitbit and Phillips continue to find new ways for consumers to use the devices.

Trends in heart health

Natural Products Insider reported that the Natural Marketing Institute determined that nearly two-thirds of consumers are interested in living a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Both high blood pressure and cholesterol have seen a decrease in the last five years. Marketing of Health And Fitness products and heart health go hand in hand as the health and fitness industry seeks to understand the needs of consumers in order to determine the products and services to develop to help consumers solve their health issues including heart health.

Areas that need focus include food, beverage, supplements, exercise, smoking cessation, and stress management are all areas related to heart health that offer opportunities to the health and fitness industry to serve the needs of consumers. Sleep quality, digestive health, inflammation and the immune system are all areas where consumers need to consider the effects on heart health. All of these issues influence health in both a positive or negative way depending on how patients handle these issues. Food and dental habits often contribute to whether or not a person is healthy, and these are issues consumers make want to take into consideration when making decisions about their heart health.