Stephanie Davis, the former Celebrity "Big Brother" runner-up was seen walking the streets of London for the first time post her pregnancy. She was photographed with her son Caben Albi and was flaunting her post-pregnancy look. The 24-year-old “Hollyoaks” star is reportedly planning to marry "Big Brother" co-contestant Jeremy Mcconnell who is also the father of her child.

Stephanie flaunts it with a smile

Stephanie looked happy as she took Caben in his pram for a stroll. She was seen flaunting ripped blue jeans, which complimented her toned abs, and a loose gray slogan T-shirt which said, “things will be fine.” It seems the slogan is pointing to Jeremy who was arrested on suspicion of harassing Stephanie.

She was also seen flaunting a pair of chic sunglasses and loose curls and posed happily for the camera while shielding her baby from the crowd.

The star will be making an appearance on a chat show on April 24, clearing the air about her relationship with Jeremy. The two became close during the show “Big Brother.” However, at the time of the reality show, Stephanie was already in a relationship.

Stephanie and Jeremy: their ups and downs

Stephanie posted two throwback pictures, the first was of her and Jeremy during the good old days when they were happily dating each other.

The second throwback picture showed Caben when he was just born holding his mother’s fingers tightly. In spite of her differences with Jeremy, Stephanie was seen supporting him after the former voluntarily entered rehab to sort things out.

Citing alcohol and drug as one of the main reasons for their differences, Stephanie is reportedly determined to forgive and even marry Jeremy once he is out from rehab.

Initially, when the "Big Brother" star announced her pregnancy in 2016, Jeremy denied being the father to the child. However, after a DNA test proved his paternity, he stood by his lady and supported her completely.

Stephanie stated that, Caben needs his dad. A throwback Instagram post showing the three enjoying a hearty laugh along with a month-old Caben indicated that Jeremy was forgiven.

Stephanie mentioned previously that she is indeed proud of her former boyfriend for taking the needed steps to deal with the issues.

She has been a constant motivation for him. The 24-year-old starlet also shared various moments with her son on her Instagram handle. Whether the “Hollyoaks” star will eventually resolve the differences remains to be seen.

Check out the picture of Steph and baby Caben below, aren’t they adorable?

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