Ivanka Trump is a major supporter of Organic Food. Being a mother of three beautiful kids, Ivanka prefers organic food over other food supplies. Being a hotel executive, she has also helped in shaping the Trump Institute of Wellness, which currently has only organic food for children.

According to Ivanka, a healthy menu for kids in hotels is really important. Being an entrepreneur herself she, along with a health coach, advises parents to take the organic route for their children. According to Maria Marlowe, it is the best option as it helps people remove toxic chemicals from their diet.

Maria also stated that normally available apples are sprayed with many toxic chemicals such as carcinogens, and neurotoxins, which can cause severe damage to our brain cells.

Chlorpyrifos ban reprieve

Ivanka is the Presidential advisor for the White House. However, when the ban of the chlorpyrifos received a reprieve from the Trump administration, Ivanka remained 'mum' on the matter. This pesticide is seen as a threat to children and their brain development by scientists. Many early scientific studies found the pesticide to be a neurotoxin.

Though the pesticide was banned by scientists some 17 years ago, it is still being used as an important component in agriculture. However, many researchers including Virginia Rauh, who found the content of neurotoxin in the pesticide, clearly stated its potentially harmful effects.

Chlorpyrifos, when consumed even in low quantities may cause problems during pregnancy which can harm the brain development of the child. According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the use of chlorpyrifos must be completely banned in the U.S.

Is Organic food safe?

Despite knowing the possible side effects of pesticides and its harmful effect on children, the question which would be on most people’s mind is whether organic food is safe.

Essentially, vegetable and fruits which are grown sans the use of herbicides or pesticides are organic.

According to the official health advisor of Ivanka’s official website IvankaTrump.com, people should purchase organic food after studying the Dirty Dozen plus list. This list details products that have a high pesticide content and advises what should be avoided.

Ivanka has come under fire for not expressing her thoughts on chlorpyrifos. Critics have asserted that she should have voiced her thoughts on the use of the pesticide because of its known dangers. Ivanka, however, continues to champion the organic food cause and has stayed quiet on the controversy.