New changes are coming to Hersey's Candy Bars and other Hersey's products. The Hersey company announced some good news for chocolate lovers who are also concerned about the Calories in each bar. That is changing because Hersey is reducing the calories count to have no more than 200 in each candy bar and other products. Some of Hersey's candy bars will be less than 200 calories per bar. That's good news because now the standard Hersey's chocolate bar has 210 calories.

Two ways to reduce calories

The bad news is that the candy bars will be smaller to keep the calories within the goal.

These changes are expected to be in place by 2022. However, by the end of 2018, the calorie information will be posted on the front of all of Hersey's products, so consumers will know exactly how many calories they are eating to satisfy their craving for chocolate. The other way for Hersey to cut calories is to reformulate their products. The changes will affect only standard and king-sized candy bars.

Customers' reactions

Most customers are not complaining. According to Hershey president and CEO Michele Buck, the changes are being made because of feedback from customers. The customers are the ones who made the suggestions, and the company is responding to those suggestions. Therefore, most customers are pleased to know that their favorite chocolate candy bar will have no more than 200 calories.

Now they will not feel guilty for eating a chocolate bar.

Consumers say they love the calorie label that will be on the front of the bar to let them know exactly how many calories, fats, and sugar they will be consuming. Then they will be able to adjust their exercise schedule accordingly. As of now with Hersey's 210 calories, a person will have to walk 55 minutes, jog 24 minutes or swim 17 minutes.

The figures can be reduced when the upcoming changes take place to the candy. Even a ten calorie decrease will help. Besides, some bars will be lower than the projected 200 calories.

Do you love the new changes that are coming to Hersey's milk chocolate bars? Are you pleased that the size will be much smaller than it is now?

If so, you are among the majority who don't mind swapping the standard and king-sized bar for a smaller one. Some consumers say a slimmer bar will make for a thinner body. If you are not sure what you think about the change, you have a while to think about it because it will be a few years before the proposed changes take place.