The time is not too far off when robots could take over Security duties in shopping centers all over the world. A Silicon Valley firm has developed these Knightscope robots to fight Crime, and they are expected to begin work in 16 cities in New York and Massachusetts among them.

What are these Knightscope K5 robots?

According to Daily Mail UK, the Knightscope K5 robots could become a standard feature of the security mechanism in commercial establishments and shopping centers in days to come. The need to create such robots was felt in 2013 after the twin tragedies of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing.

Those who conceived the idea believe that deploying robots could add to the intelligence network of law enforcement agencies and reduce the crimes considerably.

The K3 and K5 models of Knightscope robots have already found acceptance with Microsoft, and some malls in the US and the customers could include the police forces. Stacy Dean Stephens, a co-founder of Knightscope, has indicated other areas of application that could be patrolling of corporate campuses, providing security to professional sporting arenas and movie studios.

These K5 crime-fighting robots are installed with GPS, lasers, and heat-detecting technology and do not require any human intervention to function because they are equipped with the latest devices to collect and store a large number of parameters to help take decisions and monitor a situation.

Advantages of deploying robots

Robots are preprogrammed devices, unlike humans who have to rely on different factors before making a decision. The Knightscope robots are autonomous that rely on lasers and the GPS system designed to patrol large areas. These, simultaneously, note changes in the surrounding environment which assist in decision making.

Microsoft conducted trials of Knightscope robots at its San Francisco offices and by a shopping center in California. The results were satisfactory, and the advantages of inducing robots to fight crime and provide security cannot be ignored. It is a concept that is bound to gain acceptance because it will be a reliable system where human sentiments will not come into play while taking decisions.

Today it is the world of automation and robots are the answer to fighting modern day crimes that involve the latest state of the art technology. Human beings cannot keep pace with the complexities of today and machines, or robots are the answers, they do not have sentiments and cannot be influenced by any external force.