President Donald Trump came to the Oval Office as a man who is used to the good life. Many Americans believed he would settle into his position, and show the world a kinder, gentler, more humble side to his personality. At this point, the president is getting close to his first 100 days in office, and it is highly unlikely Donald Trump will become more presidential. Quite the opposite. The man with the golden jet, is aiming for much higher status. The Times of London has reported that the POTUS is demanding to ride in Queen Elizabeth's Golden Carriage when he visits Buckingham palace in October of this year.

The Donald's desire

It may sound like a wild internet rumor, or urban legend material but the story checks out. Representatives for the royal family are outraged. They indicated that If this request were granted, it would cause all types of security issues. The president is desiring to ride like royalty, which a U.S. president is not. American presidents are supposed to be humble civil servants. When you put a spoiled billionaire in office, however, he obviously is like a leopard and does not change his spots, or rather, his expensive tastes.

In the business world, Donald J Trump is known for sealing the deal. He is used to making situations work in his favor, and having the biggest and best of everything.

Now he expects the same thing while holding the highest office in the land. His desire to ride beside the monarch may have something to do with the fact that Vladimir Putin rode next to the queen in her chariot in 2003.

When will Trump give the people what they want?

While the president has his eyes on another "acquisition," the American people are calling for answers.

There still has not been any closure to the Russian Collusion situation. In addition, many Americans desire for the president to make his tax returns public. A petition to force the first lady to move into the White House, or provide her own security has reached over 500,000 signatures. The approval rating of the president is at an all-time low, and he is pouting about a carriage ride.

It's time Donald Trump takes his job seriously, and give the people what they want. Americans desire a president who is honest, transparent and has the citizens' best interests at heart. No one voted for a man who is competitive to the point where he pouts when he does not get his way, and rewrites history to give the impression that he is always a winner.