Ivanka Trump is now a champion for female empowerment and this could be a wonderful cause for the President's daughter to fight for. With that said, many people are asking why she hasn’t conferred with her father about his terrible behavior towards women. Before she answers that question, individuals are asking why anyone should even consider her a serious champion, who fights for the empowerment of women.

Ivanka gave expert advice on women's empowerment

All things considered, this is a wonderful platform for the first daughter to show why she is one of the best advocates that can stand up for this delicate issue.Trump was on the panel with world leaders at the W2 Summit in Berlin and while their statuses were already known, reportedly Ivanka was included because she is the daughter of the U.S.

President. The panel includes Angela Merkel Germany’s Chancellor, Christine Lagarde, the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Chrystia Freeland, who is the Canadian Foreign Minister.

The irony here is that while the other ladies had earned their statuses, Trump’s inclusion was only by inheritance, which she earned by birth. Women’s right advocates are saying her inclusion on the panel was an insult to all women because there is nothing that they can recall that she has ever done to empower the movement, which she is trying to give expert advice on.

The panel’s moderator seems to have gotten it right when she asked Trump during the discussion if she was there to represent her father, the U.S.

President, the family business interests or the women of the United States. This was a good way to clear up the confusion of why she was even a panelist on the show.

Ironically, foreign workers are paid $62 per week to make her apparel

Ivanka started her fashion business in 2007 at the age of 25, and since that time it had developed into a huge success with her brand being worn globally by women.

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The Washington Post recently revealed that the high fashion items for her brand were made in Africa and Asia. Many of the workers at these factories are oftentimes women, which ironically are paid only a few dollars for their hard labor.

An audit by the Washington Post revealed that the Chinese factory that holds the exclusive license for Ivanka Trump’ apparel pays its employees only $62.00 per week after working for 60 long tedious hours.

During the women’s empowerment discussions, the audience showed their disgust by groaning and hissing when Ivanka said her father was a huge supporter of families.

And of course, the President’s daughter offered a daughterly defense of her dad by stating that he encourages and enabled her to thrive in a home with no barriers. According to Ivanka Trump, through the guidance of her father, she was able to accomplish many things through tenacity and perseverance.