The Day One of the Fyre Festival was chaos and confusion galore with none of the tourists who landed on the island paradise got nothing which they were promised, and worse have been stuck with no outgoing flights available.

The Fyre Festival has since been canceled but the nightmare has not ended for the visitors who described the arrangements grossly inadequate and according to one visitor, have been 'mugged, stranded and hungry.' The event ticket was not cheap at $12,000, and neither were accommodation worth the costs have been provided nor was the food adequate.

The “Gourmet Cuisine” which was included in the expense of the ticket turned out to be a rude joke. The visitors were provided two slices of bread with some cheese and salad.

The organizers are trying to salvage what is left of the Fyre Festival. While they seek to accommodate the guests who are on Great Exuma but have asked the guests who are planning to travel to the island to cancel their plans since there are no inbound flights to the Isle. The tickets and funds will be refunded.

Stars live performance attracted thousands

What drew hordes to the luxurious music festival hosted by Ja Rule was the scheduled performances by Blink-182 and Migos and a Kardashian appearance.

However, it ended as the worst nightmare for the visitors. The event on a deserted island turned out to a horror flick with the models being forced to seek shelter in the airport from dangerous and violent locals.

One woman who had paid $10,000 for a VIP ticket, found her belongings stolen from the half erected tent. There were unconfirmed reports that locals on the island have been mugging Fyre Festival attendees.

Social media creates the hype

The social media went berserk after horrifying tales started filtering. Luggage threw out of trucks, half built tents, violent looking locals waiting for an opportunity to pounce and steal the belongings of the hapless visitors, indifferent staff, and food which could be called barely filling, the stories were endless but without and variation.

There was not even a single post which termed the event good.

The festival was a concept from entrepreneur Billy McFarland and Noughties rapper Ja Rule, and the company spent lavishly to create a buzz in the social media. The media hype enabled the sale of thousands of tickets to the musical event, dubbed by many as an amalgam of music, art, and food to give a whole new cultural experience to remember. It was indeed an experience, but it was not one which anyone will like to remember.

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