Michael Pantuso is an Artist who primarily focuses on digital design. Heavily inspired by animals, nature, and mechanical technology, Michael recently exhibited work at New York City’s lauded ArtExpo. Michael has a background in business and he is an expert branding and advertising professional which has all aided him in his career. Michael’s artwork features intricate details and bright colors and he was happy to discuss his art as well as his experiences exhibiting internationally.


Blasting News (BN): What inspired you to become a Digital Artist and what geared you to your choice mediums?

Michael Pantuso (MP): Most importantly, I’m driven and inspired by creative thought and imagination. For me, the medium is secondary — a method to express ideas. Digital, by its very nature, is an integrative medium which gives me the freedom and flexibility to generate multilayered dissections of textures, colors and patterns.

BN: How many pieces of art have you created overall--digital and otherwise--and where have you displayed your work?

MP: Currently, there are twelve completed “Mechanical Integration” limited edition pieces available and three in process.

My work is on permanent display at Acquisitions of Fine Art Gallery in Hinsdale, Illinois – a Chicago suburb. I’ve also been featured in publications and won awards including accolades from the GRAPHIS Design Annual.

BN: Do you have any favorite pieces and why do you think animals and living creatures inspire you so much?

MP: My affection for individual pieces’ changes over time. Currently, I’m excited about the visual results achieved by the FLY and CICADA.

I’m fascinated by Nature and its prewired ability to create complexity. These become my subjects and provide the perfect foundation for my work. Sometimes, it’s enough just to represent them realistically. Other times, I prefer to distort or exaggerate. Then, through a process of blending and layering, I’m able to combine my results to give each piece their own unique expression.


BN: What is the most rewarding thing about having a career as an artist and what advice can you give to people who are trying to become professional creators?

MP: An art career enables one to learn and connect with the world in deep, meaningful, and unique ways. An artist becomes intimate with emotion and the understandings of human touch. The things we all collectively care about on some level. Our loves, our fears, and our desires. My advice to people who are trying to become professional creators would be to develop within themselves the courage and curiosity to embrace these emotions based on learning and experience.

BN: What are your career highlights and biggest goals?

MP: Highlights would include my body of agency work as a graphic designer, the awards and recognition that I’ve received from GRAPHIS, The RX Club and MM&M (Medical Marketing and Media).

And, my work and leadership role as Executive Designer at IDEAS360º with Steve Bagby. In recent years, I have begun to emerge from my creative role as an agency designer resulting in several international fine art exhibitions and a base of collectors and supporters. I consider this unfolding transformation to be my biggest career highlight. My biggest goal is to make a cultural contribution through art and design. I have plans to take my series into the sculptural realm and to add a media component.

BN: How can people learn more about your artistic pursuits?

MP: Feel free to follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Behance, Facebook, Pinterest, and the “Acquisitions Off In Art” website.

I can be found on Twitter and Instagram via @michaelpantuso and my official website is pantusodesign . com.

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