Madonna, renowned pop singer is not that excited about the planned feature film which is expected to revolve around her early years as a gritty New York girl. She slammed the makers of the movie for making such an unauthorized biopic and added that she is the only person who can tell her story with perfection.

The singer also added that anyone who tries to make a movie on her life is a mere charlatan looking for instant gratification without doing the work.

Universal on April 24, 2017, won the auction to make a movie on the screenplay, "Blonde Ambition," but the recent remarks from Madonna about the plans to make such an unauthorized film will undoubtedly impact its pre-production works.

Brett Ratner and Micheal De Luca are jointly producing this movie.

Micheal De Luca's previous production venture "Fifty Shades of Grey" was a box-office success even though it received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

'Blonde Ambition:' Named after Madonna's 1990 Seminal Tour

This upcoming project is titled after Madonna's 1990 seminal tour which brought Jean Paul Gaultier’s conical bras in front of the International audiences. Elyse Hollander writes the script of this much-anticipated project, and it was named the top unproduced screenplay by the Black List, created by the annual industry compendium.

Madonna could make the life of the producers difficult, as she has refused to use her music in the film. Many critics believe that unavailability of Madonna's music will negatively impact the overall flow of the movie.

A sneak peek into Madonna's life

The basic plot of the film will revolve around the early years of Madonna, where we can see the dazzling beauty as an ordinary girl who tries to enter the musical industry with a bang.

She reached in Manhattan from Michigan as an aspiring dancer, but soon she realizes that her area of expertise is in singing. By the early 80's Madonna proved herself as a singer, but she still struggled a lot to find the producer for her first album.

After lots of tedious years, Madonna finally found a producer who helped her to release hit numbers like "Borderline," "Holiday" and "Lucky Star." It was her first step to stardom, and from then, she had nothing to look back, and in the course of time, she emerged as one of the most demanded figures in the world of entertainment.

Universal has not responded to Madonna's words yet. Stay tuned with us for more updates.