When it comes to taking cruises, these can be amazing vacations, but they can get expensive as well. One couple has found a way to take a ton of them and just got went on their 200th cruise. Most people can't imagine doing that many cruises in their lifetime, even if they would love to do it.

Enjoying 200 cruises on Carnival

This couple actually went on all 200 of their cruises on the Carnival Cruise Line. Bernard and Janice Caffary of Florida were the first people to ever do 200 cruises on Carnival. Just last week, they got on the Carnival Liberty and hit this huge mark.

They actually did this over fifteen years. That means they took more than one a year sometimes, but a lot of people do that kind of thing if they can afford it.

This means that the couple was on a cruise ship for about two and a half years total if you add up all of the cruises they went on. Carnival made sure to make this 200th cruise really special for them. They got the best treatment while on the Liberty. Cruise Fever shared that they even got a welcome sign when they went ton the cruise and got great VIP treatment.

Bernard and Janice Caffary got gifts and a few unique experiences while on the Carnival Liberty. They also had a VIP celebration where they were the guests of honor. Carnival made sure to make them feel like they were appreciated for doing this many cruises with them.

It sounds like they had a great time on this cruise, but all of the details of what they got aren't out. If you take 200 cruises, you can probably find out.

They were not all seven-day cruises, but the Caffary's were able to cruise all the time, and it sounds like they loved it. It will be interesting to see how many more cruises they end up going on during their lifetime.

A lot of people would love the chance to go on this many cruises if they could find a way to afford it and also get off work for that much time.

Do you like the idea of taking 200 cruises in your lifetime? Could you imagine going on that many? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.