When former First Lady Michelle Obama was in the White House, everything she wore was noticed and talked about, including her hairstyle and makeup. Now that she no longer lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she is not in the public eye as much. A photo of Obama was posted on Twitter showinh her rocking Natural hair.

When she was in the White House, her hairstylist, Johnny Wright, made sure her hair was in place all the time. He gave her silk presses and bouncy blowouts. Every strand of hair was always in place whether she was attending formal dinners, making a speech, or reading to elementary school children.

Wright confirmed that while in the White House, she always wanted her hair to be pressed. Therefore, he honored her wishes.

Post-White House

Since leaving the White House in January, Obama has been busy and at the same time she has been keeping a low profile. She’s made a couple of surprise visits to schools in the DC area. She has signed a very lucrative book deal with a major publishing company. She has been enjoying her new life at restaurants, museums, movies, and at SoulCycle.

Natural hair

While in the Caribbean on vacation in January, former President Barack Obama was pictured with a cap on backward and former First Lady Michelle Obama was walking beside him wearing braids.

A photo was posted on Twitter of Michelle Obama with a curly ponytail and a wide gray polka dot headband.

There was no indication of when or where the picture was taken. That didn't seem to matter to those who were included in the 16,000 tweets and re-tweets. Not all the comments were positive ones.

Perhaps that's the reason the former first lady didn't go natural while she was under the scrutiny of negative people. Now that she is out of the White House, Michelle is doing some of the things that don't cause as much uproar as it would have while she was in an official position.

Comments about hair

Comments about black women's hair have always been a topic of discussion. Some people criticized gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas for her hair when she competed in the 2012 Olympics. Last week, Fox anchor Bill O'Reilly came under fire for a comment he made about U.S. Representative Maxine Waters' hair. He later apologized for commenting that she was wearing a James Brown's wig.