The Global Pet Expo is back at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from March 22 to 24th, showcasing every imaginable product for dogs, cats, and virtually every other type of pet you can imagine. It’s an industry trade show, which means that it’s not open to the general public. Instead, buyers attend and select the best products to bring to their customers at pet stores and other retail outlets.

Products reflect pet industry trends

Products at Global Pet Expo cover every possible facet of pet ownership, including toys, food, treats, grooming and cleaning products.

Each year, when the show comes to Orlando, Florida, it brings a wide selection of items that tie into the latest pet industry trends, like grain-free food and organics. There’s everything from exercise trackers for pets to keep them moving along with their fitness-conscious owners, to self-cleaning litter boxes for cat owners who don’t have the time to scoop every day.

Millions of pets mean big opportunity

If you’d like a very brief glimpse into last year’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando, check out the video below that shows a small sampling of the cat and dog products. The massive expo space in the Orange County Convention Center also includes products for birds, reptiles, small animals, exotics, horses, and more.

The ASPCA says that 44 percent of American households have pets, with 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats living as members of their family, so it’s a massive business with room to expand every year. There’s even an entire section dedicated to brand-new products hitting the pet industry for the first time.

Over 100 exhibitors

Global Pet Expo expects over 1,100 exhibitors to make the trek to Florida in 2017 to show off their goods at the event, which promises to be even larger than the massive show last year. Even though Orlando is normally associated more with theme parks and tourist attractions, it's an annual mecca for the pet industry, where the number of trade show attendees swells higher every year as the pet industry adds new twists to old products and introduces exciting innovations.