Former President Barack Obama has been seen dressing in a casual and more relaxed way since he is no longer the current president. During the eight years he sat behind the desk in the Oval Office and represented the nation every place he went, he dressed the part. People have noticed that while he still looks good in his attire, he has begun to dress with a more laid back look. He is opening his shirt and leaving his ties behind. Some are saying Obama is sending an important message. If that is true, what is the message?

Obama's message

GQ says that Obama's new look indicates that he is "out of office" and on point with his casual dressing.

Last Sunday, the former president was photographed as he was leaving the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The father of two was wearing dark denim Levis, a white t-shirt under a gray J Crew shirt that was unbuttoned. He also wore a chocolate brown Canali leather jacket and brown Allen Edmonds shoes. This was his fashion combo during his Harvard days, according to some photos of him taken back then.

When he first left office back in January, Obama and his family went on vacation in the Caribbean. He was spotted wearing a cap on his head that was turned backward.

This was something he never did while in office.

The 55-year-old former president is sending a message that he is a private citizen and is not dressing for politics. It is a signal that now he can wear whatever he wants and not be criticized about it whether it is a leather jacket, an unbuttoned shirt or a backward cap. He is making a statement that he free from what is going on in the White House.

Obama's White House attire

While in the White House, Obama wore only dark suits with white dress shirts and blue and red ties. His suits were custom made for him by Hartmarx, a 121-year-old Chicago based company that is the largest suit maker in the United States. Now Obama has put aside those suits and ties for special occasions and is being more casual, laid back and relaxed. Other former presidents were seen wearing suits without a tie after first leaving office, but they did not go as casual as soon as Obama.