Personalized license plates are seen on many vehicles on every highway. A personalized plate has been in Lorne Grabher's family for over three generations. Grabher of Nova Scotia, Canada said he registered his plate as a gift for his father in 1991 with no problem at all until now.

Complaint about Grabher

Last December, a complaint was made to the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles about the name Grabher being on the family's car. A woman saw it and believed it to be offensive because it promoted violence toward women. Based on that one complaint, Grabher was informed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles that the license plate he had used for 25 years would be canceled.

The department's decision to cancel the plate was because there was no way for viewers to know that it was a family name. Therefore, in the best interest of other drivers, the plate was removed from circulation. It is interesting because Grabher's son Troy has the same license plate on his vehicle in Alberta, but so far his custom plate hasn't been canceled.

Tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush

Perhaps if the public hadn't heard the tape last year of Donald Trump and Billy Bush talking about women, Grabher's license plate would not have received any attention at all. When the tape was released, Trump was heard bragging that he would grab women in a certain private area. Since then, the public has become very sensitive to the issue of women being exploited.

The tape was played over and over on television. Two months later, Grabher's custom plate was pulled. Lorne Grabher says he wants no part of that misogyny.

He is considering legal action to help him get it back because his license plate has nothing to do with what Trump was talking about.

Grabher has had his name all his life. He said he should not be put in the same category as Donald Trump because he would never do or say anything to offend women. He sarcastically asked if he has to change his name on his birth certificate and his other documents as well. Do you think Grabher should be allowed to use his Personalized License Plate bearing his name?