Many people have played Monopoly since it was created by Hasbro in 1935. From now on, a popular piece will no longer be available when the game is played. The thimble was part of the original game, but it has been removed from the classic Board Game. It seems like the thimble was the least loved piece by those who voted it out. Some fans are not pleased that the piece will no longer be part of the game. However, they might feel better if they knew that while the thimble will no longer be part of the game, other pieces such as the Scottie dog, the motorcar, and the top hat were kept.

Also, new pieces will be added.

New version, new pieces

Hasbro is discontinuing some pieces, but the company is adding other pieces to update the game for the next generation of new players. This is not the first time Monopoly has lost a game piece. In 2013, the iron was dropped from Monopoly, the property acquisition game based on the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. In place of the iron, a cat was added. There are still some old pieces that have not been replaced. They include the boot and a battleship.

A wordwide contest is being held for people to select eight new pieces to be included in the revised game that will have hashtags, emojis, flip flops, and a rubber duck. New pieces will replace dogs and cats.

Winners will be announced on March 19. The revised Monopoly board game will be available in August with at least 50 new pieces.

Fans upset

Some fans of the game are upset about the changes. However, they shouldn't get too upset because more modern pieces are been added. Besides, they will get a chance to vote on pieces they would like to see in the updated version of the board game.

The new version will have lost the thimble, but the new pieces will be in line with what's going on in the world today that young people can identify with. Some millennials don't even know what a thimble is and what it is used for.

Are you upset about the removal of the thimble after 82 years? Are you looking forward to seeing what new pieces will be added to the revised edition of Monopoly?