Monopoly is one of the most essential board games found in nearly every American home. The game gives players the chance to fantasize about material wealth through owning properties and building houses. Each player controls a game piece, each of which have become iconic in their own right. That's why fans of the game were shocked to learn of the news on Thursday that the Thimble would no longer be available for choosing going forward.

The thimble is out

Hasbro Inc., the manufacturers of Monopoly and other famous board games, held a public vote to get rid of one of the original game pieces that have been with the game for generations.

The thimble was part of the game since being added to the 1935 edition, but it couldn't survive this vote, ending 82 years of metallic peace.

The vote was held to make way for a new game piece going forward. Some of the ideas for the newest edition of Monopoly includes rubber ducks and emojis, both of which have more flair than the thimble, even if they have less history. Still, one thing is for certain: this Board Game will never be the same. The new piece will be announced on March 19, with an August release date set for the updated version of the game.

Monopoly history

Monopoly has now been around for over a century. The game first came about in 1905 as a way to promote certain economic policies, particularly ones where owners of monopolies didn't have to struggle with the federal government to continue to expand their empires.

It's not something many people consider when they sit down to play an eight hour round of Monopoly with their families.

Since its inception, Monopoly has become one of the most popular board games of all-time. It is published around the country and around the globe, with specific versions designed to intrigue a localized audience or fans of a certain show/team/product.

The game has also become famous for miscellaneous reasons, such as the promotion McDonald's runs annually with the game and the legendary anecdotes of fights started by the game. The thimble may have only played a small part in the phenomenon, but now it will play no part whatsoever.