This year, Pier 59 Studio unsurprisingly became the go-to place for fashionistas coming for New York Fashion Week. Designers, fashion gurus, models, news organizations, and even activists from around the world came to Pier 59 to have a look at some of the best collections in the world.


Pier 59 studio is located by the Hudson River in Manhattan. Initially recognized as "the original destination for Titanic," the historic studio was later reconstructed and redesigned in 1993. Since then, it has hosted runway shows and events for Miu Miu, Victoria's Secret, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, and the list of big names goes on.

This year, undoubtedly, the studio was again selected as a major venue for New York Fashion Week. High-end brands like Yeezy made the best use of the Pier 59 studio. Cameramen, some waiting outside of the studio in the cold, carried their "weapons" with them to capture the glimpse of stylish attendees to the runway shows. It was as low as -2 degrees in New York during fashion week, but the heat surrounded the Pier 59 studio was burning under its own neon lights.

Pier 59 Studio NYFW experience

Walking in, the guests swamped in the elevator and complimented each other's outfit. On their way to the Studio A, they could look out the window from the corridor and see the skyline of New Jersey and the Hudson River.

Checking in and waiting in line to enter the studio, they walked to the other side of the pier where the views of Manhattan skyscrapers greeted them.

Each runway show lasts from 30 minutes to an hour. Now that the guests were at the heart of Pier 59, they pulled out their devices and took pictures of the priceless souvenirs.

Not all guests were fashion gurus, but art itself is open to be judged. Everyone had his or her unique standards. Though remaining quiet, the audience's facial expressions were the best indicators of how much they loved or hated the collections. Models, of course, were another story. Inside of the spacious Studio A, the models walked to the beat of the music with no emotions on their faces.

They carried the responsibility of best presenting the designs.

Some guests who did not "dress to impress" discussed the collection as if they were the "insiders." However, it doesn't matter. At Pier 59 studio, in the name of art, you are free to be whoever you are and do whatever you want.