Ken Cheng, a neurologist at the Macquarie University, has proved that insects have extraordinary brain powers. For years, scientists were trying to find out if small creatures have complicated brains or not. Cheng has claimed that little brains are not necessarily simple or less efficient. Instead, tiny insects have powerful brains, and can accomplish a variety of tasks. To prove his point, Ken conducted a series of experiments, and has provided us with the conclusion that insect brains can solve complex tasks amid environmental challenges.

Goal-scoring bumblebees prove the power of insect brains

Bumblebees have demonstrated an impressive power to learn new skills, and prove that the brain size doesn’t. According to Ken Cheng, insects are not only excellent pollinators but also able to score goals. Moreover, they have great learning skills.

The study ventured to examine bees’ abilities to carry out tasks that they have not done before. Bumblebees watched their fellows tug a ball into the goal, which earned the player a taste of sugar water. Through this experiment, it was proved that bees could easily carry out the mission. Dr. Cheng has said that he will explore the cognitive limits of insects through a range of experiments. Already scientists have evaluated that insects can accomplish a goal-scoring task.

In another experiment, researchers required bumblebees to move through a large wooden box. The test bees performed the task.

Bees with unlimited behavioral flexibility

A separate study published in 2016 revealed that even the ordinary pesticides could learn a lot of new skills. Bumblebees are among the tiny creatures that can score goals.

They have great learning abilities. In an experiment, the bees surprised scientists when they used several tools to obtain their food. During this experiment, the bees were placed on a platform. Here, they had to cross a ball to reach the other side where their food was present.

All these experiments have proved that bees have amazing learning capabilities. Also, they have powerful brains and unlimited behavioral flexibility.