When you think about cinnamon, the first things that likely come to mind are spiced baked goods or even scented candles. But what about the health benefits of cinnamon? Spices such as this one have acted as natural additives that not only enhance the flavoring of foods anddrinksbut also act as remedies to cure various ailments. For many years cinnamon has been used to either cure or ease health concerns.There are two common kinds of cinnamon available, Ceyloncinnamon which is also known as "true cinnamon” and Cassia cinnamon which is more widely used due to its affordability.

Below are surprising health benefits associated with cinnamon.

Supports healthy digestion

Eating a balanced diet is by far the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if thegoal is to lose weight. In addition to a diet high in essential nutrients, the addition of cinnamon can lead to the slowing down of food moving from the stomach into the small intestine. This allows the process that breaks down carbohydrates to slow down and decrease blood glucose levels. This in turn ensures that the resulting glucose is used more efficiently by the body.

Helps controldiabetes

Cinnamon has been shown to slow the process of sugars bonding with proteins to create bi-products that initiate the inflammation and tissue damage associated with diabetes.

Cinnamon's antioxidant properties help combat this process.

Curesmigraines and headaches

Cinnamon acts as a natural remedy for headache and migraine pain. This spice is considered a useful alternative when compared to over the counter pain medication, not to mention less expensive.It can be added to warm milk (either ground up as a powder or in stick form) and sweetened with honey to make a soothing drink.

Helps manage arthritic pain

In addition to its antioxidant properties, cinnamon is known to also contain anti-inflammatory properties. This is key in that medications used to treat arthritis contain anti-inflammatory agents. This attribute within the spice is vital because this disease is caused by painful inflammation around joints.

Using this as part of one’s daily diet will go a long way in combating the symptoms of arthritis.

Improves memory function

It has been shown that cinnamon has the ability to enhance a person's ability to clearly process information and recall it. When compared to other spices, when cinnamon is consumed, users have reported longer attention spans while research also shows increased ability to remember, faster reaction times and enhanced recognition abilities. No matter how one chooses to ingest cinnamon (whether eaten as part of a dessert or added to a drink), it’s clear that the body is able to find and extract it and use it to its benefit.

Side effects

With this list of benefits, it’s clear to see that cinnamon goes a long way in helping to optimize health.

However, just like with any food, spice, or supplement available, it’s important to note that there are also side effects to consider. While these side effects aren’t common, especially when cinnamon is used in moderation, they’re important to be aware of. While cassia cinnamon is less expensive, the coumarin in it can be toxic, it can cause liver damage if consumed regularly for a sustained amount of time. Also, because of it’s blood thinning properties, the cassia variety shouldn’t be mixed with medication used to thin blood. If there are any concerns a doctor should be consulted before starting a cinnamon regime.