Well, it seems some of the rumors about a new Nintendo Switch model launching this year were true after all. Nintendo just announced such a white model called the Switch OLED edition that will be launching later on October 8 for $350. However, this model doesn't include all of the rumored features; most significantly being the 4K resolution capabilities.

OLED Switch is stacked, kinda

The announcement was made through the release of a trailer highlighting the OLED Switch and its capabilities.

The new Switch model seems to have a lot in common with its original model both internally and externally.

In fact, it seems to possess the exact chipset (Mariko) that's capable of only 1080p visuals and battery life (9 hours max) according to the official website's specifications. Unfortunately, there was no mentioning of 4K or even 1440p capabilities. So performance probably won't be significantly different from last time, though it's still too soon to tell.

However, what is different about the device is that it now comes with a new screen for its tablet which is a 7-inch 720p OLED -- as previously rumored -- along with 64GB of built-in storage, an adjustable stand, and improved audio for handheld tabletop play, and a new dock with a built-in wired ethernet port.

Switch rumors reevaluated

Since its initial launch, the Nintendo Switch has been deconstructed and reconstructed by analysts and enthusiasts alike.

Rumors and leaks about more capable iterations soon followed and have long since swelled. Similar to previous leaks, the latest source -- a group consisting of suppliers and partners of Nintendo -- that the company would release an OLED display model within the latter half of the year.

Among the leaks, the one about the inevitable Switch Lite was by far the most accurate.

However, the same can't be said about this latest model. So far, only two things about the new Switch seemed to hold up and that was the display and pricing.

Nintendo on 4K

Optimistically, there could still be some possible performance increase to be had from this Switch OLED model as details of its internal workings remain vague.

After all, the one thing to remember is that Nintendo isn't a company best known for its clarity on its products during their reveals. But given how successful both the regular Switch and Switch Lite models have been on the market despite their graphical shortcomings, Nintendo might simply not feel that 4K is important enough to pursue at the time.

This doesn't necessarily mean that a 4K Switch model is out of the question as it could be saved for later down the console's extended life cycle. Nintendo undoubtedly intends to maintain the Switch's relevancy in the market with newer incarnations. But it could also mean that Nintendo might reuse the Switch's concept for another generation, one that will indeed embrace 4K. Only time will tell.