Seer, the latest addition to the battle royale shooter, 'Apex Legends' has been quite the precarious lad. Since his debut at the beginning of this month, he has been frowned upon by the community due to his meta-breaking strengths. Fortunately, it seems that Respawn has finally addressed these complaints with a slew of nerfs contained in the latest update.

The problem with Seer

Seer is the latest playable character added to 'Apex Legends' as part of the Season 10 event: Emergence. His backstory revealed him to go by the name Oda Edolasim who after being born, was outcasted as a cursed child.

But he would rise to become an inspiration to those around him and compete in the 'Apex Legends' tournament.

In terms of gameplay, Seer is a recon-classed legend. His abilities function much like targeting wallhacks, enabling him and his teammates to locate and track opposing legends behind cover. Seer's passive ability, a heartbeat sensor allowed him to pinpoint where his enemies were through a special reticle that appears when he aimed down the site.

His active ability allowed him to launch a swarm of tiny drones forward like a projectile that would highlight, damage, and interrupt actions any legend that hit by them. And finally, Seer's ultimate ability covers an area with a dome made from drones that detect everyone inside its perimeter.

All of his abilities had impressive utility. Unfortunately, they inadvertently worked too well for the community to stomach. His passive ability had too much range while his active one was especially annoying given it could interrupt healing. That leaves his ultimate ability as the only exception in terms of the amount of negative feedback, though it too will be nerfed anyway.

Seer also brought glitches

On top of that, Seer's addition also brought with it some glitches that negatively affected the game. These included those that affected the usage of grenades, holo sprays, and game modes; those and more are also being remedied in the latest patch. All in all, Seer was an overly powerful and problematic addition to 'Apex Legends' and the changes were quite justified.

Those changes by the way include balance fixes that reduce the ranges of passive ability, remove damage and flashes from his active ability, and increase the cooldown periods for all of them. Respawn tweeted the news on the update, citing it "fixes a few bugs and introduce balance changes to Seer" which have since gone live below:

Do you play 'Apex Legends?" Is the legend Seer currently one of your best or worst picks since the season started? And if you do, what do you really think about all the changes coming to the game post-Seer/Season 10 launch?