A dataminer has uncovered new information that reveals what could be the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro console, previously rumored to be launching sometime this year.

Switch Pro has two SoC

As reported by Wccftech, dataminer SciresM had shared details on a seterra.com thread, revealing the existence of new hardware within the Switch's firmware code. Codenamed 'Aula,' the new Switch model has a Mariko chip with a "bona fide die shrink over the original generation." As such, it "has substantially better cooling and battery life." The dataminer also stated that the tablet will "definitely an upgraded display."

The dataminer also revealed that Aula has firmware that supports a Realtek chip that's marketed as "4K UHD multimedia SoC." As such, he believes it could be capable of 4K resolutions, though it isn't confirmable at this point.

He also speculates "higher clock rates across the board."

However, the strangest part about this chip (not hypothesized by him) is that it will be contained inside the Switch dock as opposed to the tablet. But the Aula model "explicitly supports handheld mode," meaning it's not a docked only model as one leak had suggested prior to this one.

Switch Pro leakers vs Nintendo

The Switch Pro, as it's popularly called, is a supposed revision to the regular Switch model. Rumors of such a model started as early as 2019–sparked by media sources with the WSJ—citing possible upgrades to the device's design and functionality. These include an OLED display, reworked Joy-Con controllers, and a more powerful SoC.

Other emerging sources not only have backed up the information acquired by the WSJ but also claimed that the new model will be capable of running games and streaming video at 4K resolution.

Optimistically, SciresM has a solid track record with datamining, especially where the Nintendo Switch and its games are concerned. So far, the latest info uncovered seems to tick all of the right boxes with the rumored model's features.

However, some Nintendo representatives have swiftly shot down these claims. The most recent shot came from Nintendo of America CEO Doug Bowser who, during an interview, had pointed out that his company was too focused on building upon the overwhelming success of the regular Switch and Switch Lite models.

This isn't surprising given these models have proven they have considerable longevity on the market.

Although the company had a rough 2020 sales period, the Nintendo Switch and Switch lite have sold a combined total of 68.3 million units globally as of September 2020.

Switch Pro or next-gen

The Switch Pro rumors are highly plausible but there is a possibility that the information that sparked them could have been misunderstood. Alternatively, Aula could be just a dev kit used for benchmarking upcoming Switch features. If it is indeed a new model, it might be reserved for the next generation, I.e. a Switch 2.