The buzz on an alleged new model for the Nintendo Switch isn't clamoring up. In fact, more and more sources are crawling out of the woodwork, the most recent ones pointing to a possible 2021 release for the revised console.

The latest source now claims that the supposed model is entering production in June and will be one with a larger screen consisting of an OLED panel, courtesy of Samsung.

Switch Pro or Switch XL

According to an anonymous source with Bloomberg Japan, Samsung plans to mass production of 7-inch OLED resolution panels in June for 1 million Nintendo Switch units and shipment is scheduled for July.

Among the many sources and claims concerning a significant upgrade for the Switch, the one about a better screen seems to be the most prevalent.

Similar sources and theorists have claimed that the new Switch (popularized as the Switch Pro) would indeed have an OLED screen with a slightly larger dimension as opposed to the base model's 6.2-inch screen and the Lite model's 5.5-inch screen.

However, these new panels are said to be 720p much like those previous models, and not 1080p as previously rumored by other sources.

Better screen, longer life

The Switch has already entered its fifth year on the console market but is far from done with it. That's because Nintendo plans to extend its life cycle according to words from Nintendo of America CEO Doub Bowser.

Although Nintendo has already shot down claims that it plans to launch a new model in the near future, the statements from Bowser could contradict them. In fact, it is highly likely that the company will release a new revision of the console soon to capitalize on its craze and improve upon its ever-aging technology.

The new Switch/Switch Pro has been touted by many sources--the earliest being associated with the Wall Street Journal back in 2018.

Over time, there have been many upgrades and revisions rumored that included an OLED screen, a revamped Tegra X1 chip for better performance, and a new dock containing a 4K chipset to name a few.

Optimistically, most if not all of these improvements seem quite likely to happen further down the life cycle given their plausibility and the proven track record of some of the sources.

The Switch is a monster

The Nintendo Switch has sold nearly 80 million units worldwide as of February 2021. This puts it barely behind the Nintendo DS in a comparative sales period which had sold 83 million.

If Nintendo was to extend its latest console's life cycle for a couple of years if not more, it could surpass those of its most profitable console the Wii of 101 million. Concerning this and the new model's confirmation, only time will tell for now.