And so this happened. Bungie just canceled Trial of Osiris this week after it was discovered that there was a method done by some “Destiny 2” players to get them a guaranteed Flawless in the said game mode.


Bungie just tweeted that “due to an issue,” the above-mentioned activity was disabled for the remainder of this weekend. The developer did not disclose the reason for such a move, but a lot from the “Destiny 2” community already knew the reason.

Exposing win trade in ‘Destiny 2’

Before the cancellation, the “Destiny 2” content creator – Luckyy 10P was among the first to discover this as he came across the so-called Trials win trade method within the looter shooter.

It’s basically somewhat of a burner server within the game where players match themselves and give each other easy Flawless.

Luckyy even claims to have located the server in question alongside other “Destiny 2” players and defeated the other team that attempted to win trade to Flawless. He even called out Bungie to reach out to him to have it straightened out.

While inside the burner server, he noticed that “Destiny 2” players trying to win trade is donning the Hakke emblem. This according to him is some sort of a call sign for other win traders to know that they too are into it.

Messed up stats

It was also brought up by Trials Report tweeting that the Hakke emblem was the second most used emblem in this week’s Trial before the cancellation announcement.

They dug even further as to what went down in this week’s Trials and this is what they’ve found:

  • 50 percent of the “Destiny 2” players who went to Trials this week went Flawless on PC.
  • 11,281 (48 percent) out of the 23,661 PC players who went Flawless, got zero eliminations.
  • 16,300 (69 percent) got five eliminations or even less.

Now that’s pretty messed up.

Trials Report got a different take on it, however.

According to the Twitter handle, it “absolutely loved the Hakke method exists” following an explanation. It was pointed out the effort it took for such a system to work, not to mention the Guardians trusting other Guardians who came up with such idea to acquiring more loot with the community as a whole.

Albeit that fact being highlighted it was made clear that it still needs to get patched.

Addressing the issue

Now back to Luckyy, he’s pretty much getting some heat for exposing this win trade /Hakke method in “Destiny 2.” He addressed it in a recent video among other issues that were hurled at him.

He also tweeted noting that the playlist is in dire need of a re-work when 70 percent of "Destiny 2" player base create a secret society to win trade on a server instead of playing Trials.

What’s your take on this? It looks like the “Destiny 2” community’s got polarizing two cents about this topic.